Vampire Restaurants

Good evening my sweets. Somewhere around the world, a dinner bell is ringing. Gather your covens around the bloody coffin and listen (read, rather) to what I dug-up about vampire-themed restaurants.

Vampire Café- Located in the Ginza section of great Tokyo, this extravagant vampire-themed place offers well, all things vampire! Diners and Dracula enthusiasts alike are sure to feel right at home with vampire meals and blood-red beverages. After checking-out the website, the Vampire Café is draped entirely in gothic red, surrounded with candelabras and coffins are dressed to the nines. Anyone got a ticket to Tokyo? I’ll meet you there!

Twilight Restaurant- It was said that in 2009, plans were in effect to create a Twilight restaurant in Washington State. It was set to be called Volterra after a city in the ever-popular Twilight book series. Nothing else has been found on this development at the moment … maybe the plans came to a screeching halt … or perhaps they did so well, they’re keeping their little piece of vampiric history a complete secret! Silly vampires…

Twilight Lounge- Everyone is out to make a buck or two these days … people from near and far are hoping to get a piece of the vampire (OK, including me!). The folks over in Forks, WA are completely Twilight crazed! This little ditty is a concert hall … enough said. Down the road a bit is a placed called Dazzled by Twilight … if you’re all rocked out, head there for “thousands of unique Twilight items.”

Drakula- Have you ever heard of the Prince of Darkness traveling to Texas? Me neither… Apparently there’s this little restaurant in the midst of a strip-mall that serves Romanian food. According to one reviewer, it left a lot to the imagination and lacked the whole vampire thing. If it were up to me, I’d give it a chance … only because they “went out on a limb” and spelled their establishment with a “K.”

– Bryce


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