Vampire Rush — New Vampire Game!

I love PC games, –even really silly ones, that are rated E for Everyone, or E for incredibly friggin’ Easy. But on the other hand, I hate iProducts and iThings because I think Steve Jobs is the Antichrist. So chances are, I won’t ever get a chance to play Vampire Rush, –a new game for the iPhone, with real vampires, not the sparkly ones. That means you guys are going to have to go play it, and tell me what you think! From the screenshots and images that are floating around the net, it looks playable, and more fun that the average Facebook game. Which means no ceaseless waiting for energy to refill, and real live buttons to push! Yay! Plus, to add to the benefits, the vampires in this game are evil; all things are as they should be.

If you want to read more about the game before you decide to purchase (or however you get your apps, we don’t judge) Vampire Rush, PocketGamer reviewed the game recently, and surprisingly enough, it seems they were honest:

The protagonist of the game, Greg, must prevent the vampires from breaking through the gates of the underworld and reaching the land of the living. A combination of well placed towers and swordplay is necessary to overcome the hordes of enemies clamouring to escape through the gates.

Players control their hero by using a virtual joystick: continuously tapping the attack button will perform a piercing combo, whereas tapping and holding will carry out a slashing combo.

There is little to complain about the touchscreen controls, while the impressive gothic-themed visuals reinforce the game’s light-hearted tone.

Waves of enemies spawn from different places on the map, and defeating these creatures yields cash, which can then be used to purchase towers and acquire skills. Generous bonuses are awarded for double, triple, and multiple kills.

Money and health can also be procured from the chests that randomly appear on the battlefield, though beware: they can be known to cause an explosion.

Several types of tower can be bought and they are placed by positioning Greg in the desired location. As in more traditional tower defence games, these towers will automatically attack the enemy and can be upgraded using the spoils of battle.

Money can be spent on skills that can replenish health, while upgrades to the gates’ defences or Greg’s attack can also be obtained. Skills and upgrades must be purchased on each level as they do not carry over to the next stage of the campaign.

You can click the link above to learn more about gameplay, overall value, and where to find Vampire Rush. Actually, when I first spotted it, I thought it was like, some kind of morbid version of Diner Dash. I almost, -almost-, wish that I wasn’t morally outraged and unsettled to the core of my being by every Mac product on the face of the planet, –because the game does look like fun. So if you try it, don’t forget to stop over and let us know what you think in the comments. Have you played it yet? Is it stupid? Does it suck? How does it compare to Angry Birds?

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