Vampire Tours of New Orleans

Have you ever been to New Orleans? The crescent city is known to be one of the most haunted cities in the world; there’s such rich history that emanates through their jazz music, cuisine, and of course mythological stories. Kalila of Haunted History Tours was gracious enough to take the time to discuss what it’s like to be a tour guide, and what kind of encounters she has had with the undead.

What kind of training does the staff have to go through before presenting a vampire tour?

Any guide who wishes to perform the vampire tour must train under me directly, and learn the script for the tour. They are also given material on general vampire lore and legend to broaden their base knowledge of the subject. They are expected to familiarize themselves with vampire legend, folklore, history, fiction and fact.

Can you please share your most unique or frightening experience while on a tour?

The most unique experience was once when I conducted a private tour for a group of people who turned out to be actual vampire lifestylers – real blood drinkers. It was very interesting; nothing frightening for me on the tour, though.

Do you feel that guests sometimes are a little bit more than onlookers i.e. vampire fanatics?

There are many who are definitely into the vampire thing, whether it be fans or lifestylers. I don’t know that I would call them fanatics; I prefer to call them enthusiasts. Many people have a fascination with vampires for various reasons. If this were not the case, there would be no vampire novels, nor movies, nor vampire tours.

Have you ever been on a vampire tour? I highly suggest you take a spin on the Haunted History Tours!

If you would like to call for an appointment, click here or call  (504) 861-2727.

– Bryce


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  4. I have never been to New Orleans, and never knew that the vampire culture had a place in the New Orleans community. I’m an avid believer in spirits and ghosts, but I’m not sure how I feel about vampires. The part where Kalila says all tour guides must be trained strictly by her made me think twice about the credibility about vampires. It sounds like she trains people to be very rehearsed about the entire thing, which makes me question how real vampires and their culture are. But this is a good article, and it made me realize some new things about a place I’ve never been too.

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  7. Wow I didn’t know there was such a thing as vampire tours. I’m going to be in NOLA in a couple weeks. I was planning on doing a ghost tour of some sort but I’ll have to look into the vampire tours as well. :-)

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