Vampire Tragedy of the Year? Never Getting the ‘Legacy of Kain’

“Some of my very best gaming memories, come from a series of vampire games that had a better bromance than Twilight….”

The vampire game Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun was supposed to be released in 2012, but never made it out of the development stage. The plug was pulled, and the project was cancelled. but not before they managed to get a few cool videos out of the deal. So the source article has a YouTube video, some photos of the gameplay and –FYI, if you were wondering what the hell series this was in, think “Soul Reaver” –this was supposed to be the next game in line to that release. 

Alas, it just didn’t make it, and chances are, it won’t re-enter development, or get picked up by another company. So… be sad. I know I am. :(

By annimi

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