Vampire Vacation by C.J. Ellison: A New Series Starts Out Awesome!

I reviewed C.J. Ellisson’s book Vampire Vacation, the first in the V V Inn series.

More foodies should review more books, I mean, this is clearly the most objective audience: I love this perspective, and she made the review quick, easy, and painless. What was good? The writing, for once: a lot of new vampire novels coming out are painful to read, because the publishing was done by some company across the planet that exists only on the Internet, or worse, Amazon

The book is heavy on the sex, but it has great writing, it’s the start of a whole new series, and there are more than just vampires; other supernatural characters are regularly introduced as well. And these vampires don’t sparkle, they … are probably pretty frosty, since they hang out in the Arctic Circle. If they sparkle, it’s because they’re frozen.

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