Vampire Vacations

If you’re an adventurous kind of person, you should consider going on a vampire vacation. I’m not talking about mapping out where you can spot a real vampire and gearing-up by purchasing mass amounts of holy water and the like. If you’re a true vampire fan, you should travel around the world and country to become more well-rounded on the folklore, legend, and history. Here are some spots you must add to your journey.

Transylvania, Romania- This first destination may be an obvious choice, but it’s a classic one as well. How can you be a vampire fan and not want to travel to a place lost in time and shrouded in such darkness? You may not get to spot the original Dracula, but you can definitely let your imagination run wild while attending a masked ball that concludes a wild vampire tour.

Transylvania, Louisiana- After some poking around on the internet, this destination popped-up. They say that you can only study bats in these here parts, but I say you never know what you’ll find. Wherever you have bats, a true vampire can’t be far behind … waiting to change and attack at any moment.

New York, New York- If you haven’t read about the vampire tours of NYC, you should. New York is known of its hodgepodge of freaks, intellectuals, and crazies, so the thought of housing a creature such as a vampire isn’t too off-base.

New Orleans, Louisiana- Ah, one of my favorite places to talk about. I haven’t gotten here yet, but I hear it’s one of the most haunted places in the world. How can it not be? The streets have seen battles, slavery, witchcraft, magic and everything in between. Hop on one of the vampire or ghost tours and lemme know what you find out.

Where else can you head out to, to learn more about vampires?

 – Bryce


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