Vampire Vodka Cocktail

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Lots of other great recipes on this site, but let’s start with this pretty red cocktail; good for Halloween, sure, but all year ’round is good too. So you’re gonna need vodka, –I suggest a decent choice like Ketel 1, and black raspberry liqueur. This sounds like something special, but it ain’t; you just need a bottle of Chambord, which can be on the pricey side, and you can use a brand like Bols, or Dekuyper, –but mid-range, best value, will probably be Chateua Monet. 

After that, just cranberry juice. You need a double shot of the vodka, half a shot of the black raspberry liqueur of your choice, and another half a shot of cranberry. Give it a stir, and you’re solid. Serve shaken or on the rocks. If you have a shaker, I’d recommend making two drinks at once, and pouring over ice.

By annimi

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