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Vampires and Mexican Food… in Connecticut?

No, seriously, that’s what we’re talking about. A True Blood-themed Mexican restaurant in Connecticut of all places. South Norwalk , CT is home to all kinds of ghouls and goblins; where I’m from, we call them Yankees or “them people from up north”. And they’re adding vampires to the list now? As if New England wasn’t already home to blood drinkers… think of all the politicians that have called that place home for centuries. All right, now, to stop Yankee-bashing and get on with it. But you can’t deny the irony of a southern vampire show being the inspiration for a New England Mexican restaurant. It’s a culture clash of EPIC proportions.

Even so, if there’s one thing that isn’t clashing, it’s definitely the decor inside the Red Lulu, –cute name, huh? There are glowing red candles, red damask wallpaper, and everything else is wrought iron and edged in black. Beautiful atmosphere, and, Rob Moss, the VP of Operations in the CB5 Restaurant Group (the people who opened The Red Lulu), says it has a “True Blood” theme. Hopefully that’s official, god knows how litigious people are these days, and I’d hate to see the place go under with it being so new. But then, if the statements of their VP doesn’t get them sued, the food might.

Not that the food isn’t …interesting. It’s also a clash in the making; they mix popular New England dishes with ‘traditional’ Mexican food. They also stress a lack of cheese… and I thought that the ‘globs of cheese’ were what Mexican food so good? Moss doesn’t exactly inspire confidence when he describes the menu as being a mixture of “Mexican street food” with a gourmet twist. But, I love food, and I love vampires, and I love Gothic decor, –so I’m just as willing to try a lobster enchilada as any other brave soul out there.

Besides, there’s more to The Red Lulu than weird food and interior decorating, according to The Stamford Times;

“Moss stresses that, first and foremost, Red Lulu, the sister restaurant to Lolita Cochina in Greenwich, is a restaurant, not a club. However, the food is, he says, “a prop to our show. It’s a party here, where the experience comes first.”

With the bar and lounge area front and center, and the dining room with two floors of seating, this expansive space lends itself to a party atmosphere. The target demographic is people ages 25 to 55, with a “smart casual” dress code preferred.”

The distinction between restaurant and lounge may blur somewhat on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights as it “gets lively” with music. The music, played by a DJ, is not mainstream and can be vintage Madonna mixed with Santana or JayZ mixed with Nirvana.”

I have to say, all in all, it sounds like somewhere I’d at least try. Plus, it also sounds like it wouldn’t cost a fortune to eat there, unlike many ‘theme’ restaurants, especially if we’re talking about classy places. TGI Friday’s is not the kind of theme restaurant I mean; it’s also not in another country, or located in a a major hub, like New York, or Los Angeles, –which means, they won’t be charging a standard rate of  ‘your immortal soul’ for one evening meal. Although, I have to say, if there’s a chance of seeing Eric Northman in attendance, I’d probably fork over my soul and a few others to eat there. If you’re interested in making reservations, The Red Lulu can be reached at (203) 939-1600; they’re located at 128 Washington St., South Norwalk, Ct.

Ashley writes for,, and other sites in the Darksites Network. She’s involved in several seedy and disreputable activities, smokes too much, and spends her late nights procrastinating for work on her first novel.

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annimi • January 12, 2011

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