Vampires and the City

As I sit here in my blandly decorated coffin on this incredibly disgusting bright and sunny day … I wonder, “Isn’t there an easier way to survive without having to feed off of human beings?”

Just the other day, I was out to lunch at Bloodlo (the HOTTEST new little blood-tasting café on 5th and Houston), and my goulfriends and I were discussing what a mess our lives had turned out to be. None of us had ever imagined we’d be elite members of the living undead twenty years ago. Each one of us had crawled our way to the top of the proverbial food chain in our careers; Charro Batz was an interior designer, Bloodina Devine was a photographer, and then there was me … Daryl Bloodshaw, writer extraordinaire.

Charro Batz had been unintentionally attacked in the middle of the day at her firm up on the east side. The Dark Man ripped into her office building looking for the most powerful man in the area; to his demise, Ms. Batz fit the bill. Once the fangs sank into her neck, the Dark Man decided that it would be a smart move on his part to add her to his already powerful coven.

Bloodina Devine’s story is a short and sad one. She had been out on location for Bloody and Beautiful when she was attacked. The Dark Man took Ms. Devine down in one easy blow; once the poison entered her system, her old life left this earth as well. People turned against her left and right, she lost her position, and had to start over at once. It wouldn’t be easy.

Then there’s me … I had always been into writing; whether it be relationships, fashion, or food, I was your woman. My story actually gets better … thanks to being the Dark Man’s favorite vampiress, I’m at the top of my game in the publishing world. My book, Blood, Lies, and Women, comes out next quarter and well, I’m really just living life to the fullest!

– Bryce


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