accepting blogger applications is accepting blogger applications.  One (maybe two) of you should be passionate about vampires. Maybe you’re a horror movie aficionado, a real vampire, a walking folklore encyclopedia, or president of the True Blood fan club.  I want to hear from you.  An interest in werewolves, 70s horror films and grindhouse films is a plus. The ideal candidate is already watching the tv shows or movies, reading the books, and talking about these subjects online.  You must be willing to make a commitment of 2 posts (300 to 500 words) per week.

We love Guest Bloggers too.  If you’re interested in writing a guest post on our site, please let us know.  You probably already have your own blog or websites and want to benefit from the extra exposure our site can bring.  We’d be happy to work with you.  Let us know in your email.

Please contact if you’re interested.  Don’t just send us a boring email.  Get our attention with your email.  Show us a sample of your writing.  Bonus points if you recognize the man in the image.

By Veritas

Veritas is a faerie child, switched at birth and left with wonderful parents in a small shack deep in the hills of West Virginia. He believes in magick and hopes to inspire readers lured into the enchanted path. Occasionally, he'll post contributions from other authors so drop us an email if you're interested.


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  9. Man in the picture is Montague Summers, English vampire expert, author and Christian bigot who really believed that every old woman tortured and burned by filthy witch-hunting perverts really was serving Satan. But I digress. Despite his questiuonable morals, his vampire books were hugely interesting.

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