Vampires Coming to the Private Practice!

Vampires haven’t just invaded prime time, they’ve also made their way into medical dramas. Not surprising actually, given the physical consequences that both being a vampire and getting bitten by a vampire have. But actually, this time it ties in quite nicely to Moonlight’s post “I Want to Be a Vampire!” The show is Private Practice and tomorrow night, vampires will make their way onto the show. Well, a boy who thinks he’s a vampire anyway.

In the episode, a girl comes in to get treated for various symptoms when the doctors find human bite marks on her neck. The episode is pretty thorough from what I can tell, covering everything from how movies like Twilight and shows like Vampire Diaries are giving teenagers the wrong impression about vampires. I am certainly not condemning either of these two wonderful stories about vampires – I love them both. But unfortunately, just like everything else that seems really cool, people sometimes have a tendency to take them a bit too far. And that’s just what this Private Practice is all about.

I have to admit, I don’t really watch the show, although I’ve caught a couple episodes and it seems okay. But I might just have to watch this one. I think it’s funny to see how some of the doctors don’t think it’s possible that things like this could happen because Twilight’sfictional. But who knows? Maybe it really could open some people’s eyes. Even some of those who are looking to get bitten by a vampire. The show then of course, divulges into all the horrors and dangerous things that can happen to you if you allow yourself to get bitten by anybody.

If you want to check out just what tomorrow night’s Private Practicemight hold, you can see the preview here. And if you want to check out the full thing, it’s on tomorrow, Thursday, February 11, at 10:00pm/9:00 Central Time.


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