Vampires in Nature

In the scientific study of animals, and insects, vampirism is also used in reference to mosquitos, leeches, vampire bats, of course, mistletoe, and other parasitic creatures surviving on tissues and fluids of other living creatures. Blood is a tissue fluid; just like the meat that other animals feed on, as well as human being, blood is rich in proteins, and lipids. Many smaller animals and insects, as well as worms, have evolved to a point where feeding off of the blood is preferred, or even essential to their survival. Sometimes, this can become a harmful process; such as with mosquitoes that spread malaria. Other species, such as vampire bats, who rarely spread disease, or leeches which will cleanse the blood, and are used for medical purposes, –are neutral, and can even benefit mankind.

An example of an animal with the obligatory need for blood is the assassin bug, found in South America. They insert a needle-like proboscis into their prey, –other insects, such as cockroaches and beetles, –and it liquefies their insides, so that the assassin bug can drink them, with its very own built in straw. It’s mainly thought to be beneficial, and is kept as a pet for insect control. However, if owners do not handle the insect carefully, they may be bitten, and the bite is said to be extremely painful. Also, there is a minimal risk of being infected with a potentially fatal illness called “Chagas disease.” If the assassin bug is indigenous to your area, it’s best to leave it alone.

An example of the optional need to drink blood is the mosquito. That’s right! Those horrible little creatures can feed off of pollen, fruit juices, and other biological liquids (some really, really gross ones too) that are not blood. Also, sometimes only the females will drink blood, since its essential for her reproductive system. Other examples of blood drinkers found in nature are nematodes, and other creepy crawlers, such as parasitic worms, found in human and animal intestines.

By Veritas

Veritas is a faerie child, switched at birth and left with wonderful parents in a small shack deep in the hills of West Virginia. He believes in magick and hopes to inspire readers lured into the enchanted path. Occasionally, he'll post contributions from other authors so drop us an email if you're interested.

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I got this kid talking to me about how hes a vampire. I dont believe him. I want to make it to where he would have to prove it but im not sure how. Any advise?

truely knowing someone is a vampire is a very difficult thing unless you can see them and even then it is difficult to prove. If you can’t speak with them in person then you have no way of knowing if that person is a vampire. If they openly admit to being a vampire then there is a good chance they are lying and are just saying that to get attention. True vampires don’t reveal themself to just anybody unless they are unaware of the dangers of being a vampire. If a vampire decides to reveal themself to someone it is because that person can most likely be trusted with that information. So already there is a great chance neither of you have met a true vampire. If you can talk to them in person take note of any seemingly unnatural movements or if they all of a sudden go rigid when someone walks by. This still won’t prove them being a vampire but there is definately more to them.

Look, if somone claims to be vampiric it is esay to tell if they are telling you the truth or not without evan getting close. First off if they give out information way too easily they’re lieing. Aske them if they are thristy for blood if they say yes, they’re lieing, it’s both a hunger and a thirst. Ask them if vampires are at war with werewolves, once again a yes answer is most likely a lier. And more times than not, if they talk to you like there from Elissabiethan times, ther’ye just useing you to act out they’re RPG fanacies.


I do know about vampires, I have learned alot about them and yet there is so much I do not understand or know yet.


Im sorry to have to correct you but it is not really a thirst or a hunger for blood but more of a dire craving for it. I do like your refrence to Elissabiethan times though, I thought that to be rather interesting and true except for the odd chance you might catch a vampire off guard and they talk the way they had in the time of their childhood. But again you would have to have talked to that vampire before to know if they were trying to hide it or trying to seem like one.

Darkone, seems like you’ve got a great deal of info about vampires and stuff. Would like to share some info, or perhaps you can give some sources from where you got such knowledge… I admire you, I’ve always been keen about vampires, and you surely seems like me lol. Would appreciate be in touch. Cheers mate.


I do have an email but the post I put up last night didn’t go through so I don’t know if I can put my email on here. Sorry


I do know quite a bit about vampires but am still learning. I have aquired my knowledge throughout my lifetime. Surprisingly books and movies are a great way to gain insight into vampires but there is still a flaw in this since some of the information is made up or greatly overexaggerated. I just try to find simularities in different books and movies and that is what I base most of my knowledge off of. If you want to hear an interesting story here is a link to a national geographic page I think you might find interesting:

you all intrigue me quite dearly ah for vampires are everywhere for there is no point of trying to flush any of them out why look for them when they will go to you

then in truth you really don’t know much about vampires… you only know about the myths that Hollywood and writers have created.

and the national geographic page is nothing more then mutilation of a decomposing body by a human b/c of a belief during that time dead bodies where vampires b/c the proses the body takes in decomposing in which the body would become pale, swell up, and the decomposing stomach would push up reddish liquid up through the nose and mouth.

well, how do you know about vampires then? Where else is there to get information on them? There is no biography on them or their life so I just have read many books and the movies I have seen are just intrigueing because of how some view vampires to be. My knowledge on vampires is not from movies but from books and based on the simularities in those books. If you find a vampire and they prove me to be wrong I would really like to chat with them as I have many questions for them.

As far as the national geographic page I found it to be interesting because belief in vampires has been around for many many millena and a skull of a supposed vampire to be found just is amazing. I do not believe it to be that of a vampire but it still is interesting.

Enya how do you know so much about vampires? All of us can only gain knowledge of vampires through books. Unfortunately I don’t have a vampire who I can ask these questions.

i’m just saying you can’t clam you know anything about “them” if all you know is unproven facts and myths.. you can say you know lots about the myths of vampires.

and i don’t claim to know anything about them. but i’m disagree with ppl who clam to know more then they do or try to batter down another person’s views.

I did not try to talk anyone down just educate them on what I know. I believe the knowledge I posess to be true and if you don’t believe it to be true you are entitled to your opinion. I did not reply to these comments to talk anybody down but to try and share my knowledge with those who are curious and wish to know what I know.

What do you know about vampires unknownvamp? Why does this all intrigue you so? And how is it so amusing?

dam right i’m entitled to my own opinion along with anyone else.

and you did down another person’s opinion. if someone wants to think a historical person weather it was Jesus the pope or some poor guy on the street they are allowed to have an opinion. you can’t tell them that it is or isn’t true. some people believe things differently then you.

also it is a FACT that fictional books and movies are not factual reliable information for study. so you can not say you know. when all you know is fiction..

I know all I need to know you all said what you had to say I agree with most yes this intrigues me quite dearly it does for the reasons are unknown and as for finding this amusing oh so I do you should embrace them not exploit there weaknesses or flush them out tis tis for one of such knowledge some should be kept a secret its a lot harder done then said when it comes to destroying vampires but I’ll just sit back and watch as you all talk about your ways of the vampires muah

it’s harder to embrace them, then to exploit there weaknesses…. there are alot of material on there weaknesses. but it’s harder to grasp what is beautiful about them.. more so it’s almost impossible to grasp the full understanding of them.

they are still human but they aren’t at the same time. they veiw things differently b/c their lives are different and that they had to live outside the human race for so long. but they could never live a human live after they start their path.. the human world is simple compared to the world the excite beyond most human understanding.


Is your interest in our argument simply because it is entertaining for you or do you have another deeper interest in it?


I apoligized for saying that Jesus wasn’t a vampire and just stated that in my mind there is no possible way he could have been. Since you have brought that up I apoligize again for saying that Jesus wasn’t a vampire, I just don’t see the possibility of him being one. As for my knowledge and you saying it is only on the myths of vampires I would like for you to go to the comment I left on july 13, 2009 at 5:32 and re-read the second to last sentence again please.

There not difficult at all to understand it is quite simple actually there need to survive is the same they need blood we need animals and plants it is like the food chain except they can dominate and they have more abilities then a mere mortal such as yourself I find vampires quite passionate at times pain and pleasure are all one just as life and death which a vampire represents can’t have life without death very symbolic through a vampires eyes or anyone else I do not need a deeper interest in such a subject just like your discussion thats all I figure I’ll add a little fun for you all my apologize if I spelt words wrong


well anyone that open their eyes would get that. but people don’t open there eyes to see that they are just humans plus a little or a lot more then just human.

and define mortal. even humans aren’t completely mortal.

and it’s ok no one is a perfect speller.

thanks for the little fun though. you seem to be a little more awake to things the most ppl

yes I agree even humans have abilities as well we all do it depends how strong your mind is really and will our mind can do so much more then what is known mortal meant human sometimes I get carried away with words there is so much more to this world but people minds got lazy and all think they know what they are talking about just because of what they see on tv they got brain washed but hey what can we do

well there is alot that goes into how strong a person is. whether it is vampire, demon, human whatever. it’s more then just mind. but our minds are our greatest gifts just most don’t know how to use them to the fullest. and energy, capabilities, so much more makes a persons and their straight in abilities

and by human not all humans are mortal in a way. but nothing is immortal. everything dies.. everything has to die. a body can only live so long before it falls apart and returns to the soil

and i don’t think it’s that people’s minds got lazy just more that people developed safe zones in their minds… that they didn’t want to adventure further then what they where comfortable with and what effected them. as people can live without knowing things.

well there is alot that goes into how strong a person is. whether it is vampire, demon, human whatever. it’s more then just mind. but our minds are our greatest gifts just most don’t know how to use them to the fullest. and energy, capabilities, so much more makes a persons and their straight in abilities

and by human not all humans are mortal in a way. but nothing is immortal. everything dies.. everything has to die. a body can only live so long before it falls apart and returns to the soil

and i don’t think it’s that people’s minds got lazy just more that people developed safe zones in their minds… that they didn’t want to adventure further then what they where comfortable with and what effected them. as people can live without knowing things.

also alot of people want to believe in something so much that they will believe in anything they are told. so the tv they become addicted to and start to forget that the tv is hardly full of true information… even the news is corrupted with false or misleading information and even biest. it only tells what people make up or want you to believe.. so it can not be held to an reliable source of information. the best way to find anything is to go out asking questions. but that is dangerous and can get you into trouble.


similarity in the moves and books really doesn’t mean much. it’s still just a bunch of made up stuff that is fictional. yes i get that the similarity make is more likely that it’s true. but it is still just a bunch of fictional books and movies. you still have no facts in what you know. so you can’t clam you know anything more then relation topics in the trends of fictional vampire books and movies..

i’m tired however of this conversation. as i feel it’s just going in circles with you. so…. i hope somehow you see my view. you don’t have to agree with it… and try understand a little of what i’m trying to say. facts can be proven. fiction doesn’t have any completely solid base to it

You did not get every word of the sentence, I said that is were I get Most of my information but not all. And I do not wish for this argument to carry on further either.

no one is argueing darkone we are all just discussing a topic that is all nothing more there is no need to get worked up its just that you are entitled to your own opinion it just seems like you base your facts of what you read in books or watch on tv therefore for it not like you form your own ideas on what a vampire could be you are merely quoting what other people have said making them your own facts I don’t know if this sounded right don’t take what I said the wrong way

oh yes I agree enya the news is corrupted they only take bits of facts add a little bit of what they believe and therefore you got a story that most would believe

thanks for backing me there..

so your a pretty smart person. lets see… you don’t think like a younger person. so you have to be an adult.. probably like late 20’s or much older… or at less how your though posses seems to be to me. ppl in their 30’s normal seem to switch their thought posses around.

seeing that your on this site your probably like most people and looking for something. but i think you alright know a bit.. so your looking to fill in gaps.. don’t know why your hear.. or your hear to find something very pacific.. so what is it if you don’t mind me asking as i like to analyze people. i just like to see where people are coming from on their though so i can understand them better… and your one of those different people. that get my head spinning and it’s harder to understand where they are coming from. you don’t have to answer anything i’m just letting my mind run.. it seems to be wanting to do that.

and i’m guessing you don’t live the everyday life that most humans live by as you seem to be annoyed by their simplicity in thoughts. not saying we are all simple minded just the majority of humans are.

yes you are correct im 25 but sometimes I feel like I lived for decades im really not looking for anything pacific i just read all your conversations and I was intrigued Yes I believe in vampires but not in the way most do but then again I believe in alot of things like wizardry wiccan etc. I believe in many of gods just don’t belive in religion to me no answers come easy in life and I wouldn’t want it to be easy I will lay down for hours just thinking of crazy questions for myself to answer I try to base things on logic as well as I would say an unknown logic Im into alot I try to live my life honorably loyal to what I believe I do like the way you put your words yes I tend to get alot of heads spinning there is alot about me I understand and alot of what I don’t I usually like to be alone I don’t mind being around but I find most annoying I like to think alot when im alone like quietness I like the dark I guess in just crazy ttyl

i don’t think your crazy. i find the crazy people are the more down to earth. they actually think things through and just want to enjoy life. you seem pretty smart and like you got life down.

but you have a good view in life. keep your open mind it will do you good in life. i greatly dislike close minded ppl. i know a few ppl that their close minds offend me. and i have to bite my tongue around them.

Enya I do agree with you. People do have very closed minds and only accept what they are able to understand. Some people do not like change or anything that may force them to change.

i don’t get along with close minded people. but some ppl are to afraid to take a step out of their comfort box that they dame everything that isn’t in their little box. and it past annoys me.

i know this one girl who is like ghost are just demons trying to deceive you. and i asked her well what if there was a demon that was sorry for what they did. would it change her mind that they where all evil. and she said no that they had to all be evil. and if she believed that one could change then that would leave her open to being deceived. and so she is sooo missleaded b/c she sees all this stuff as evil b/c she doesn’t want to be lead away from her “god”.

all i can say is that’s so human to think that. it’s bad b/c they can’t take the chance to let something be good.

and i just hate that. does that make anyone that is different from the normal human evil just b/c they “could” be trying to lead the others away or trying to hurt them or something?

idk but really is there hope for anyone that is different to survive this world infested with close minded people?

Let me guess….she is Christian? They don’t want to make the change because they are afraid of the unknown. If what they were taught about demons & ghosts is wrong then what other wrongs have they been taught, so they will rather just be like sheep and be blind.

Most religions believe that anyone who isn’t one of them is evil and going to ‘hell’. I don’t know if it is a case of being normal, it’s just how you percieve life. Everyone is different and those with open minds just experience life differently. We are not like the blind sheep who follow just to be in a comfort zone.

for I have returned my apologize enya although I do like this new subject see I don’t believe in religion I believe religion is what seperates us see if the bible says that we must believe in one god why are we seperated by religion everyone should be as one but we are not religion is the reason for most conflict in the world politics is just a sugar coat for religion just to try a keep order and put fear in those you got me going enya lol I can’t talk about this forever


lol ^_^ how did you guess. i swear some of the christen groups are like cults. you should see some of the girl can’t cut their hair have to where dresses… ect…

but yeah the few that annoy me are christen. and they wont let their minds open enough to see that what they are taught is wrong.

but is really funny is this one girl have high spirit energy. and so she has just been lucky nothing bad has happened to her yet.. i think she just has a really high energy that is hard to get drained. lucky girl… >.>

but yeah i was think that.. why would you want to be a sheep. anyone that knows sheep.. humans breed sheep so they aren’t really the creatures that god made them to be.. and they are the possibly the dumbest animals on the earth as they follow each other.. so if one sheep runs off a cliff the rest follow. that’s why their has to be a Shepperd to watch them so the sheep don’t kill them selfs. the wolfs do less damage to the flock then the sheep do to them selfs. why in the world would you want to be represented by a sheep!

but i think it is a mixture of fear of the unkown, being blind, and the comfort box as to why they can’t see.

as for hell i don’t think god is going to kick someone to hell for a something not believing to a t. i think god is bigger then to get mad about something little like that.

and how old do you think i am?


no need to apologize. it’s just a slow discussion. but welcome back anyways.

i don’t like religion though i do respect it as it does seem to help keep people in line. though people shouldn’t need a reason like hell or religion to behave they should just do it b/c it is the right thing to do.

however i believe religion is man made and god is not. so i will say i believe in god(or gods) not religion.

and most religions believe in the same god just different details on the history of the world and little differences in the god. yet they still fight saying that their god is different. it’s really silly and stupid. to fight over something that doesn’t affect you. and religious wars are the stupidest reason’s ever to fight. to break it down, people just like killing and have little to know respect for others.

but i see what you are saying. people put to much care into religion when they should just be respecting others, the world, and taking care of the things and people that are around

and everything in this world is to sugar coated.

yes I agree i do respect other religions yes religion does keep things in line but it is more effective civily but when it come to keeping things in line with other countries or cultures the effects cause massive wars over things that just should be based on common sense oh man my mind is multi thinking again don’t mind my words might get tongue tied do it alot everything is to sugar coated but for those with open minds and hearts can see through all the lies most try to make you believe its funny though im just going to say something random we have ten commandments but seven deadly sins does that mean we don’t take three of the remaining seriously lol talking crazy again ttyl

lol you sound like the people i like to hang around with. i love it when they point things like that out. your not talking crazy just making seance.

i agree with you. i wish that people would not care so much about silly things. if we could only use our gift of speech to talk and come to agreements instead of picking up arms and fighting. i don’t like how things need to come to death. you would think that being human that we would be smart enough to think of more humane ways of doing things.

i guess humans have not evolved much have we. that we still thrive on our primate instincts and are consumed by fear

It leaked throughout my whole school on what I am, a vampire. I don’t know how it did, but it did. I start school soon and I fear I lost all of my friends except 1. I don’t say this for attention, I say it because it’s true. I need help on how to keep my friends from fearing me. Any suggestions?


Ask what color their eyes are? Thats a hard question to answer if youre a complete fake. White means thier not thirsty at all. If they answer brown or green or some weird human color then theyre just faking it.

Enya, I may be very wrong but I think you are about 19.

Yes your speech is good but the fact that you get so annoyed about simple minded people is a bit immature :) no offense but the fact that you asked me to guess how old you are also states that you are young but want to be told you are older.

Am I wrong?

your close, i’m 20. i look about 16 am smarter then most 20 year olds. don’t have the life experience that most 20 year olds have or even a 16 year old. so i guess i don’t really act as mature as i could.

and your wrong as in i’m young and so i want to be told that i’m older. i just like to see what ppl think as to above i don’t look my age so i wanted to see someone’s opinion who doesn’t get to look at me on how old i was.

it’s amazing though that you got close to my age. ^_^ my i ask how old you are.. i’ll say that your about 28 in your late 20 somewhere or early 30’s

lol sucks doesn’t it. i’m hoping your not like me and u look only about 15 16. it sucks when you get in fights with ppl b/c they don’t believe that you are 20.

ah well it’s life anyways. so what do you show up on

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