Vampires in Nature

In the scientific study of animals, and insects, vampirism is also used in reference to mosquitos, leeches, vampire bats, of course, mistletoe, and other parasitic creatures surviving on tissues and fluids of other living creatures. Blood is a tissue fluid; just like the meat that other animals feed on, as well as human being, blood is rich in proteins, and lipids. Many smaller animals and insects, as well as worms, have evolved to a point where feeding off of the blood is preferred, or even essential to their survival. Sometimes, this can become a harmful process; such as with mosquitoes that spread malaria. Other species, such as vampire bats, who rarely spread disease, or leeches which will cleanse the blood, and are used for medical purposes, –are neutral, and can even benefit mankind.

An example of an animal with the obligatory need for blood is the assassin bug, found in South America. They insert a needle-like proboscis into their prey, –other insects, such as cockroaches and beetles, –and it liquefies their insides, so that the assassin bug can drink them, with its very own built in straw. It’s mainly thought to be beneficial, and is kept as a pet for insect control. However, if owners do not handle the insect carefully, they may be bitten, and the bite is said to be extremely painful. Also, there is a minimal risk of being infected with a potentially fatal illness called “Chagas disease.” If the assassin bug is indigenous to your area, it’s best to leave it alone.

An example of the optional need to drink blood is the mosquito. That’s right! Those horrible little creatures can feed off of pollen, fruit juices, and other biological liquids (some really, really gross ones too) that are not blood. Also, sometimes only the females will drink blood, since its essential for her reproductive system. Other examples of blood drinkers found in nature are nematodes, and other creepy crawlers, such as parasitic worms, found in human and animal intestines.

By Veritas

Veritas is a faerie child, switched at birth and left with wonderful parents in a small shack deep in the hills of West Virginia. He believes in magick and hopes to inspire readers lured into the enchanted path. Occasionally, he'll post contributions from other authors so drop us an email if you're interested.


  1. Unfortunately I look about 18max. I must carry my ID around so I don’t get bounced at clubs.

    When we are 50 we will look 40 so I don’t mind it that much.

    The reason I come to this site is to see if vampires really do exsist. I hope they do but it is so crazy to believe it. How can it be true? If they are real then I want to meet one. Are there any vampires out there in New Zealand(I will be here for another 3 months) or South Africa(will be in SA for 3 months over Christmas)? I will be in Miami January so are there any in Miami?

  2. my dad’s whole family is like that. everyone looks younger then you are. so i’ll agree it’s not to bad. i know at less that i have the possibility to live a long healthy life.

    one thing i have to ask is does it matter if they excise or not? it’s not like they would be any different then any normally human. just running around trying to fit in and be “normal”.

    and it would show how shallow anyone was if they treated them any differently. but i guess that is human nature to try people that are different differently. why i understand why they wouldn’t come out and be like boo here i am. i don’t think anyone that is different would want to be put on the spot light.

  3. I know they won’t come out and say what they are. I guess it is forbidden but I just wish I could speak with one. I have always been fascinated by vampires and I would like to know the truth about them. I have so many unanswered questions!

  4. For I have returned a vampire hides himself by his own free will fullmoon for it is not forbidden they just choose to do so better to hide then to be hunted like wild animals and put in a zoo. And would you fear a vampire in person fullmoon would you be able to ask your so called questions without flinching and what is the answers you seek if I may ask for I am curious to what you would ask them for it is no interview with a vampire for my apologize if i seem a little aggressive with the way i speak I get carried away sometimes

  5. u answered that very well unknownvamp. i want to to put something like that down for fullmoon but i could not put the words down and i did not feel i had the right to say anything.

    but i have to say i would not think that most the people on here could look at a vampire as an equal. and in my opinion that in this day and age is all they really want is just to blend in.
    but in my experience humans have a difficult time expecting anyone that is different then what they expect people to be. and i’m not calming to be anything more then human but i am an outcast and i know that most ppl push me away b/c i’m difference. so i can only guess what people would do.

    it’s nice to see that your back. though i don’t think i will be here much longer. i’ve received what i needed from here. and i’m moving finally and might not have internet for a wile. though i’ll still get on just wont be posting much as i wont have much time to.

    and in asking “how is everything” if your asking for personal life. things are as they are in my life. dramatic, surprising and chaotic. and i have found myself in trouble once again. but i found ways to avoid the trouble a bit.. how is everything with you?

  6. I would be able to ask my questions without flinching. What is there to fear?

    My questions are 1) How does blood taste to them? Is it sweet or bitter? I know that it is a stupid question but I am oh so curious.[To me it tastes metalic] 2) How often do they have to feed? 3) How human are they? Do they have super vamp strength?

    Those are the only questions I can think of for now.

    No apoligies needed.

    You will be missed Enya, I quite enjoy your comments.

  7. the only question i could think of asking is… “sssssssooo….. want to go to the movies i’m bored and all my friends are broke” guess i’m a little to friendly and i do randomly hope into stranger’s cars. but then again i have a good judge of people and people have more of a reason to be scared of me.

    and i would imagined that they are 100% human. just have different feeding habits.. and that maybe some of them are like supernatural humans hand have ability/gifts like supernatural strength or something. anyways i don’t think that if they did excise they are anything so far fetch that it couldn’t be explained through science.

    and with moving i have a feeling i will only be disappearing for a few days as i can still get on at work when my boss goes home. and where i’m moving to might be getting internet soon.

  8. well then I will be waiting for your return enya for we will have many more conversations. Well blood to them is like a drug can’t go without it they feed depending on how much energy is drained from them just like a human you need to eat and drink everytime your energy is low well how human are they that will depend on how you treat them treat them like a animal and they shall act like one and as for strength each vampire has something different not all of them are completely the same not all vampires need to drink blood for i shall be back hoped i answered some of your questions but then again you might have more now ttyl

  9. ……….it’s not how someone can know so much b/c anyone can say they know… but how someone can answer it so straight forward like that and put in such a clear way…

  10. A person could be talking crap but put it in a straight way. So in other words you are just saying what you think but don’t know for sure. What a hypocrite, you turned down so many peoples points of view and claimed your’s were right.

  11. no that wasn’t want i was saying. what i meant is that most people beat around the bush on here and what they say doesn’t come out as clear and straight forward as what unknownvamp has put down.

    in other words i could almost believe him. as in he make more sense then the rest of you put together.

  12. fullmoon it is what a believe in but im not trying to tell you how they act I am merely baseing these answers on logic and you forget it you humans that created so many evil stories about vampires who was to say they were evil just cause they live differently and feed differently just to survive we are no better then they cause only monsters could create monsters for example lets say you a nice guy then you get with a group of friends you hang out with them for awhile years go by eventually you will start acting like them so if they are mean most likely somethings you do will be mean I think I put that in the right words and im not a hypocrite I just feel differently about vampires then most for if you believe in religion is no different then believing in vampires the books were all created by man we all have our beliefs and I will not knock down anyones I just speak how I feel but thank you I do like this debate very much I hope this continues and thank you enya you understood quite clearly of my intentions

  13. I have a few questions for you unknownvamp,

    If blood is like a drug to some vampires how is it that one could get by after having filled their craving with blood on just the energy transfer? Wouldn’t they still be addicted to the blood and want it more and more like what happens when someone that has been on a drug tries to quit and is going through withdrawl?

    And what happens to a vampire’s soul when they die? does it just get reincarnated or is that just for certian vampires? And can the kind of vampire that is reincarnated change it so their soul moves onto the afterlife?

    I apoligize if I am bombarding you with questions but these are things I really would like to know and it seems like you know alot on vampires so I would really appreciate it if you could try to answer my questions.

  14. Enya,

    I apoligize for being stubborn and hard-headed before. Its taken me a while to realize I was and it saddens me that I was that way. If you could would you please forgive me?

  15. yes vampires could crave more blood after feeding but they give in and they choose to feed more a vampire with strong will can resist such temptations of the blood with no blood they wouldn’t survive but who is to say that they have to drink human blood.well I would say the vampire soul would be in a spirit realm but it is said they don’t have a soul well in reincarnation not everyone get reincarnated I believe the ones that get reincarnated have a purpose to fullfill or a second chance but not everyone gets that chance it would be up to the gods. These are very good questions difficult nevertheless and thank you. no apologize needed I enjoy this I like to think and I would like to here some of you thoughts darkone as well what is it you seek you must have your own belief in how things are and whatever your belief is it is well respected so speak freely me and enya like a good conversation isn’t that right enya

  16. lol yes it is right unknownvamp.

    i do like a good conversation. though i’m a bit shocked how you make more sense then others on here. it makes my head spin a little trying to figure out why your beliefs fit so closely to my own.


    i’ve long past forgiven you i’m not a grudgeful person. but thank you anyways for admitting that you where a bit hard headed.

  17. Enya,

    Thank you


    I know these are very difficult questions and they are something I have been trying to figure out for ages. As for my beliefs on these questions I do believe that a vampire with enough will power can overcome their craving for blood and even though they would get weaker as time goes by without blood I do believe they could still survive. It is my hope that one could survive without blood. As for the spirit and reincarnation I believe vampires do have souls and that when a vampire dies their soul leaves their body and either passes into a different realm or stays in this realm to be reicarnated, as to when they are reicarnated I think that decision is up to the soul. After reincarnation it is my belief that the body has to grow to a certian capacity for that person to start to remember their past lifetime or lifetimes. One thing that I don’t know or haven’t figured out is if after the reincarnation if the vampiric nature is as strong as in the previous lifetime which would play a huge part in how difficult it would be to control one’s craving and if the soul would pass into the next realm if the body were to die or if the soul would stay in this realm forever. I would very much appreciate any thoughts on this as it would ease my mind.

  18. well I believe that the vampiric ways would start over for it is a new life and a new body to adapt to but the knowledge of one would be stronger for if the person or vampire is capable of remember things but then again sometimes dreams remind us of our past life or if you start thinking of random stuff but don’t know why you think of such things must be connected to the past the past always affects the future but it is our actions in what we do that define us if you do get reincarnated it is for a second chance or to continue a purpose that we haven’t fulfilled yetthe craving for one’s blood will always be the same but there most likely different ways of surviving besides human blood well if a vampire died and stood in the realm there most likely be no need for the thirst dieing would only kill the thirst live by the thirst die by the thirst but if you died then your cured if you reincarnated the it starts over but you might be able to control it better if you had a hard time before or you might be worst if you crave that thirst more the more time you are reincarnated the more powerful you are because knowledge is power vampires are capable to think they just give in its like people drinking coffee everyday then you must stop think it going to happen the only way to get stronger without a major withdrawal is to take less dosage at a time nothing happens over night except life and death I like these questions it pleases me to think what is your thoughts enya you like to hear yours as well only if the world could be this civil in conversation to avoid war just to talk It pleases me to know that there are others with good conversation skills without getting amped up about it calm cool and collective that is what I always say lol

  19. i would have to agree that blood is like any other addiction i believe it is something in time the craving could be controlled. though i think it would be a craving kinda like smoking where even after you learn to control it it is still there.

    as for reincarnation… it’s something i only recently started believing. though i guess i believe that you get a clean stale when your reincarnated as i’ve seen with most people you don’t really remember things until your older. but in a way your still the person you where your last life b/c you still hold onto some or alot of the characteristics of that person before. as for why people are reincarnated i wouldn’t have the slightest idea. but i would put in the possibility that their soul is unable to rest until they have completed what they needed to do, which could be anything like making amends or just reliving a life b/c their last on was scaring or incomplete.

    and i believe everything has some type of soul or spirit. even tress and plants and stuff like that.

    it would be nice if the world could be civil and just talk things through. but people tend to not be open minded enough to sit down and try to listen and understand another person’s veiws.

  20. I also agree that the world would be much nicer if everyone could be civil and talk things through instead of just attacking eachother. I have been on both sides of the fence and so I know what makes people just attack instead of trying to talk things out but talking things out is much easier and you leave happier than if you just attack.

    As for the craving for blood I agree that it never goes away but it can get to a point to where it is almost non-existent. And there are things other than blood that can fill the craving, not nearly as effective but still can fill it.

    The reason I am asking about reincarnation is because I am wondering if your past dertermines what will happen in the future like the saying history repeats itself. If someone’s previous life would have the same things happen in their current life. I know the future is not set in stone but I do believe in fate and that everyone has something they are created to do/be.

    Enya, with everything I believe I know everything has either a soul or a life force. All animals have souls and plants, rocks, water, fire, air all have a life force. There is only two differences I have found between the two so far and that is that the soul is trapped in a body and released at death, whereas life force is freely flowing among everything except animals. Souls also can pass into a the next realm or to some people this would be heaven where life force doesn’t leave the realm it is in.

  21. with past life i think it affects a person’s current life but i think it is up to that person to chose if they want to repeat things from that life or not…. but i don’t really want to get to much into this subject. but i will say one thing with most people they don’t remember things until they are 17 or old. so everyone gets this free card to live and develop into a new or different person without memory of their past life and so when they start to remember they get to chose to be follow their past life or continue with a new life that can be created into anything.

    and with life force and souls i know a little bit about this. but there are alot of differences on these. like there is the soul, aura, life energy. and they are all slightly different things. and there are a difference with animals but i can’t say what it is.

  22. ok, and the part where reincarnated people don’t remember anything of their past lifetimes until they are at least 17 is true with everybody unless they are ‘seers’ and can see past/future events but then they are at least 14 because their ability isn’t developed enough for them to recognize they have the ability until they are at least 14. Of this I know from past experiences.

    As for the aura everyone and everything has one and it changes with your mood and your mind. Not many people can see aura’s but you can train yourself to see them. Majority of people can sense someone’s or something’s aura because it is very closely related to the person’s mood and mindset. This I know because I know many people that can see or sense someone’s aura and that is what I have obtained from them. When it comes to objects auras they never change but with plants auras they change with how the plant feels. Plants don’t have as wide of range of aura types as animals but that is expected since plants aren’t as complex as animals.

    I apologize if it sounds like I am arrogant I do not mean to be these are just things I know.

  23. ….. i was 9 or 10 when i started to realize my ability and i have foresight. before that i remeber things but i didn’t understand it fully. but i don’t see anything past this life. and this life is short.

    yes that’s true aura is moods. and it’s rare for someone to have the talent or the training to see an aura lol or maybe it’s just the time to develop the ability to see it. and with any ability it is easier to learn and develop when your around people you are close to.

    and plants are stubborn little (insert word)!!! have you ever tried to sit down and really listen to one. omg!!!!! some of the annoy me…. sorry i had a fight with one. it was being a pain and just wouldn’t be saticide with the attention i was giving it.

    and it’s ok i don’t think anyone knows everything when it comes to this stuff.

  24. um… with reincarnations…. do you think it is possible to just keep repeating your life over and over and the same things will happen again and again?

    it’s just something that i was thinking about as it’s something new to me excepting the possibility of reincarnation. and i would like to know more b/c i don’t really follow a religion or anything that talks about that kind of stuff.

  25. everyone has abilities it is up for our mind to control its abilities as well as our heart they both in one to see someones aura takes alot of training but to feel different emotions from different people and tell them how they feel is awesome I don’t know I am able to do such things but then again I have alot on my plate b/c my dreams come to me symbolically im good with that I am some what able to heal others it weird when I was young me and my mom wasn’t able to play card games b/c we knew what we had in one anothers hands it takes alot of focus to do such things but it worth it I am able to feel what other people feel from a distance thats if my heart cares for them I have a strong spirit so everything I do I do with my heart and mind they work as one many people use one or the other but to use both will help I don’t even know what I’m talking about now im going crazy talk again lol lata

  26. i don’t see how it’s so awesome. it’s harder to shut off then it is to learn to pay attention to peoples ability. and when you do shut them off b/c they are controled by your heart and mind you feel lost.

  27. Interesting conversations you all have. I was commenting on this site before they up and did a switch-a-roo, so maybe some of you may know me most of you will not. I was rather indesposed for sometime.

    Raine, if you are here or there drop a line.

    Enya, I find you caught in between yourself, a crossroads if you will. Remember you are the only one in control of what happens in your life or the one to come if you believe that. To allow someone else to influence and affect your decisions only weakens your Aura until your ‘light’ goes out. The gift of light is a special one and not to be triffled with. It allows you to ‘see’ beyond what is only shown. To
    distiguish between true & pure innocence in the universe and that which is not. Trust in your abillity, do not fear it, for when we fight against what we are it causes
    an irreversable cosmic effect. All of us are connected in one way or another, be it humans or non-humans-Jenna

  28. I highly disagree with you jenna lets how will I put such words 1) the government controls our life we may make decisions in our life but the government makes us in a way those decisions we choose. 2) everyone has a influence or has been influenced in life that is not what make our aura’s weak what so ever first of all you can’t have light without darkness and if you are able to control both or understand then you are more powerful then the two powers individually and only darkness see who is pure and innocence as well has the light sees evil intents by others you need both to survive balance is everything a person without fear is a person without hope

    and if you a stuck in a crossroad look at the options and choices that you have everthing you do in life as an effect whether its right or wrong do what you think is best and if there are influences in your life think of them as obstacles only get stronger from them everything takes time even if time is not on our side stay calm cool and collective. focus your mind and heart then the answer will come to you

  29. i was only trying to show that their are cons to ability. and they are not as awesome and cool as some people think they are.

    this is not a personal page. so we will continue on discussions that are not personal. please and thank you


    i agree with unknownvamp as there has to be balance you cannot know one without the other. but i feel it is more society and our environment that affects who we are and how we behave. the government is only one example of something in our environment that affects us and how we behave

  30. i apologize enya wasn’t trying to get personal just making a mere statment In case of any situation I like to guide so it is a habit of mine to give such speeches yes I do agree with you there are pros and cons to any abilities thats why I believe if you are calm through the darkest of time you will overcome anything

  31. it’s alright. i’m use to trying to guide ppl. never realy works thoug.. people don’t listen well.

    and yes with much effort and with a goal *even the smalles of goals) anything is able to overcome. though if your a person that is swallowed by the darkness it never fully leaves you. and it’s hard to fight out of the darkness.

  32. The colour of your aura is mainly influenced by your chakra. There are so many things that can upset the balance of your chakra,eg. just having an argument and you not saying what you want to effects your throat chakra and then your aura will be blue. It will build up over a period of time and be very unbalanced. Then your body will feel the effects.

    It is good to balance your chakra now and then by doing some healing.

  33. all is well when meditating and your mind is calm it’s a good way to reset yourself for you are able to think clear or nothing at all just to relax well if one was to be consumed by darkness the only way to fight it is to embrace and understand its influence and once that is obtained you will be able to fight it for one must take the time to learn the knowledge of darkness and light

  34. we all should form a round table in this chatroom for we are all equal and can learn alot from one another just me talking crazy again lol may peace be with us all even in darkest of times

  35. i was thinking of putting out my yahoo so we could talk more. but i don’t think anyone is really on at the same time. but i like your idea. the only reason i started looking for people and sites like this was so i could learn..

    i could give my yahoo then from yahoo give a myspace page i made pacifically for talking to people i don’t know to talk about thins like this… and the from there we could cread a blog to talk about it. the only thing i would ask is that no one puts up any real pics of themselfs

  36. and meditating is hard to do. you have to allow yourself to be totally and completely relaxed. and that’s hard to do in this world and to take the time to train your mind. but it is something worth wile to do. and then once you learn to meditate then that can lead into other things you can learn to do with your mind that can help you improve.. however you have to be careful b/c if you play around with your mind you can mess thing up. but meditation is safe

  37. you are speaking of astral projection yes that can be dangerous therefore you would be leaving your body it is possible for other spirits that can take over your body therefore you would be corrupted the best way I think for someone to start medating is to do it at night and focus on a sound like the wind or if you have a fan but be in a different room and focus your ears on the sound and take deep breaths have a candle or two burning inhale a scent even if you can’t meditate completely this way is still relaxing well my myspace is the same as the name I use here and my name for first would be batman and my last would be dracula so look for me if you choose but I never a sleep and I find time to have a good conversation

  38. you dont sleep? a few months ago i was sending with someone who was supposed to know everything about vamps and he told me vamps have to sleep like everyone else. and why do you state your id so freely???

  39. I also found it difficult to meditate in the begging but it just takes practice. Start on a night when no one is home so you won’t worry about being disturbed. Like unknownvamp says light a candle, scented candles are good but try lavender(it is calming). Sit comfortably and repeat to yourself, aloud in in your mind,”ohm”. It just helps you to get into the trance. I haven’t done it in a while so I can’t remember if I am leaving anything out. Will look in my books.

  40. This is a very nice way to share your views about every thing you know and that should be known to others.I recently have gone through all of your views, and I think you all are having a good conversation. Particularly unknownvamp, I think you have a great knowledge about vampires and many other things.
    I also wanted to know more on vampires, most of the questions are answered here but now also Iam not so sure that vampires do exist, and if they do,then how and where do they live, and how do they look like?

  41. Mona
    vampires can live anywhere there is no specification on where they would live and they mostly would look human vampires are lust full sometimes most people will feel drawn to person and not know why they have the ability to make you feel something even if you don’t have feelings they are pretty much the same as humans but who was to say they had to drink blood a human

  42. Thanks for the answer unknownvamp,I also want to know how the vampires can be soulless,its hard for me to believe that any living creature could be soulless. I read some where that a human turns into vampire if a vampire cuts him or if an animal jumps over a dead body it true or they can be by birth also.
    I apologise if I am flooding you with questions but if you dont mind me asking, how do you know so many things about vampires, have you ever had any encounter with one of them?

  43. They can be by birth for the reason the mutation of the blood cells but if the person were to die while pregant it would have to be saved on time there are people who drink blood all the time but are they really vampires yeah but they have nothing speacial about them theyt put themselves out there to make them look or feel like a vampire I have not encountered any vampires well not that I know of anyways I will say I had some weird things happen around me I like questions no apologizes needed my friend

  44. wanda
    the only reason why vampires would sleep is because the sun comes out that is all but if it was darkness all the time no reason to sleep if they get low on energy they just need to feed and the reason why I give my ID so freely cause people don’t bother me and I fear no one a person would be stupid to show up on my door step and try to pick a fight no worries I am calm as a breeze clear thoughts all the time

  45. na i think some people just got bussy. or like me thought it would be fun to just sit back and watch what would happen instead of talking

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