Vampires & Sex

Bill Compton & Sookie Stackhouse

Since the day Bram Stoker penned the account of Lucy Westenra being ravaged by Count Dracula; most vampire, and horror fans, have associated our favourite, undead, blood-drinking harbingers with sex or at the very least consider them sexual beings with a lust for flesh which matches their own lust for blood.  We see this theme carried strongly over time, though each author’s own personal mythos will have an obvious effect on their vampire character’s need or desire for sex, but the theme of viewing them as sexual entities seems to remain the same.  Vampire Diaries, Twilight, and True Blood (to cite a few contemporary vampire myths) all turn in this direction unabashedly and never seem to look back.

It is one thing to suggest that vampires have an unearthly beauty and grace about them. That mortals would find them attractive due to perhaps their power or ability to manipulate them with their charms or seemingly magical abilities.  It is quite another to say one would willingly participate in, what could at the very least, be described as necrophilia.  Sure, they walk, they talk, they think, but by and large they are certainly never considered to be ever truly alive.  This is poignant in True Blood, where we see a human society bisected by this question.  Many are disturbed, if not entirely disgusted by the idea of sleeping with a creature they understand to be dead.  Others, although curious and perhaps intrigued by the thought of intercourse with a vampire, are tentative at best in their acceptance of it.  The few characters we do see that voluntarily participate in this act, by and large, seem to be directly under the supernatural charms of the nosferatu with minimal exceptions.

Even if this directly answers the questions of a human’s sexual response to a vampire, it does little to address the individual vampire’s desire for sexual intimacy.  In humans and animal’s a like, this process is considered a biological imperative, a simple part of the human desire to “mate, feed, kill, repeat.” Although the act of intercourse might have pleasurable side effects, for vampires the act of sex in no singular way suits their biological imperative  If vampires cannot reproduce (by majority of myths) sexually, would it not theoretically remove the imperative, and therefore the desire to participate in coitus?  This is not to say that they would not have sex, a moment may arise for them to have or use sex in order to get what they’re really after: blood, it seems that to a vampire, sex would be little more than just a tool.  Perhaps even fledgling vampires with recent memories of making love would still attempt the act as they struggle against their new natures, but does this mean they would continue to actively seek it out over time as they aged?  What do you think?



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  3. Perhaps we do but if you’r young, like me you dotn think about it very much. But lately I have been having the urges of haveing sexual contact with an amazing human, girl. She makes me see so much now that I have never seen before. Maybe we all are the same when it comes to sex, we all have urges and we all need satisfaction and I dont know how it will turn out but my urges are starting to controle me so badly that I cant take my hands off of her, but she dosnt mind it. And im in a very bad sichuation because she is onley 14 and im still in the body form of my “sixteen” year-old self. So I gess that we all have urges and I ask you what shoul I do to stop them without meeting the needs that they want? :[

      1. Cant fight what we wear born as,unless you kill yourself. But im not trying to “Make Out” eney thang,im just asking for a little help from my own kind….. But I could always use another persons thoughts on a fragle subject :[

          1. Sorry but I dont like to drink from a live sorce it makes me more agresive tords other humans. But thanks for the offering, its amazes me that a human would offer thear own neck to me. :[

    1. U say ur 16 old self..? Does tht mean ur older then tht but ur body looks like a 16 year old??? And what do u say u were born with exactly?? And not too sure about ur question is about sex with a 14 year old..? Not trying to be rude, but I find the unknown and unusual to be interesting.

      1. Ya, im 149 but I tend to act as if thow I was sixteen still. I was born with a very different type of DNA. I cant use my abiletys like others of our kind I can only use a small amount at short periods of time. I cant say to much to leed you on to obsessing your life waiting on the internet for a responce form me . So I will only answer you with this”Thear is nothing unusual about vampires like me who live thear lives and fall in love with a human. Shore we may be faster,
        stronger, and some times even smarter but we are just like you when it comes to love.”DUMB AS HELL” :[

        1. dude ur not a vampire we are born and awaken we dont live forever so stop the shit before we realy do come find you and kill you cause u sayin this shit will piss some of us off and as for the sex she is 14 so just go masterbate like a normal teen

  4. I find the argument about sex-as-procreation-only to be simply inaccurate in terms of human experience. Plenty of folks engage in sex without any desire for children at all. More, for many, the act of intercourse is one of intimacy and that is the motive for engaging in it (apart from the pleasure).

  5. I agree with David’s comment about sex-as-procreation; I should think most people consider sex to be a tool for pleasure. Procreation is the evolutionary reason for the pleasure experienced during sex, but with advances in science childbearing is no longer an inevitable result. Since Vampires are ( were / created from ) humans, the inability to procreate sexually would not necessarily factor into the reasons for engaging ( or not ) in sexual activity. However, if feeding is the ultimate pleasure for a Vampire, and thus is comparable to sex – but one would assume more pleasurable than we could imagine – then, assuming a Vampire *could* engage in sexual acts, it might be considered a trivial pleasure.

    When Dracula ravages Lucy I think it’s more the “claiming” aspect that should be taken away. He possesses her in every way possible.

    Also, I prefer Anne Rice’s idea that Vampires are a-sexual. Although I sometimes debate the logic behind her argument for that. ( I mean the physical argument, not the “Osiris” argument which is proven to be just a legend based around the beginnings of Vampirism & Akasha &Enkil. )

  6. I love the way you ppl. think…i love vampires….my friend keylea also said that it wud be hot to make out with a vampire

  7. Interesting article, Fate.

    We can say the HLV’s (Human Living Vampires) love sex for the sake of sex as well as for procreation. However, it is interesting to note that HLV’s are more inclined to the darker side of sex, especially BDSM.

    I’ve been doing a little research on the Classical community and they seem to be quite interested in sex as well. As far as procreation, it seems that as the Classical ages, they are less likely able to procreate. This bunch is certainly more predatory and in need of blood for survival. Do they use sex to get blood? I don’t know but I think a good guess is yes.

  8. I am glad you brought this topic up and I will flat out state even myth wise a vampire is not like a human. I like True Blood but I realize if these undead existed they would not be like the ones on Twilght or Trueblood etc. I guess maybe Daybreakers, 30 Days and Nights, etc would be the closes to portraying a vampire found in vampire myths. May be even the vampire on Let the Right One In or Let Me In acts closer to the original vampires. Humans no doubt are different that everything else in the animal kingdom but if you get down to it a vampire is a predator that has to eat. Plain and simple. I do not debate if they can be beautiful or as smart as a human. That can part can be believable.

  9. Fate, you have indeed argued out your point, very well. The Sex drive is only a result of evolution in humans. Its sole purpose (in nature) is to reproduce. This means that the urge and the ‘pleasure’ that we feel before, during and after sex is cleverly designed by nature to help the humans (and animals) to reproduce. The use of contraceptives don’t count because they are a relatively new technique. They are in fact, a loophole (in our own brains) found by humans to expreriance the pleasure of sex without getting the woman pregnent! Sooooo, vampries will not likely feel this urge, since there is no point in feeling it! (since they can’t reproduce)
    Even if there were a few vampires who were sexual, there is a good chance for them to get eliminated! that is simple high school biology, which I think applies to any spiecies, including vampires! In nature, any species will have a strong desire to eat, drink and reproduce. In the case of vampries, the reproduce part is not there, but the eat:drink part is there! This means that they will only have a strong desire for blood!!
    This reasoning does open up another question. If vampires doesn’t desire sex, can they fall in love??? But that is a different question entirely. lator!

    1. There are countless men and women out there that can’t have children, yet they still get aroused and still have sex. So your theory is a bit flawed.
      Also, birth control is not new, it has been around since 1850 BC. People have been trying for thousands of years to keep women from getting pregnant. Obviously their attempts back then weren’t very successful, but they tried.

    2. “cleverly designed by nature” – didn’t know nature had an imagination to design. The only thing imaginary here is the idea of evolution. That’s just a story made up by secular “scientists” to explain the past.

  10. I think the idea of vampires engaging in intercourse too much like True Blood makes them too boring and “too human.” Aren’t vampires supposed to be different and above humans and all the other mortal pleasures? They are this big, thrilling mystery and deadly. This is the reason why I love Anne Rice’s vampires. She even said her vampires can “love” but their love is too pure, way beyond any flawed human emotion, this is why her vampires go out in search for other lovers and companionship because the mortals they come across want to have sex with them or simply crave immortality. Vampires isn’t all fun and games. It’s like damnation and half of the society is being brainwashed with too much sexuality, Twilight for example.

    Vampires can be good-looking and use their appearance to attract their victims, but they will only go in for the blood. Drinking blood is more like sex to them in a different aspect. A vampire’s life is not supposed to be a happy one. I prefer the classic vampires with their dark, menacing, good looks but also horrible when they go in for the bite. Foreplaying could be a good use for a vampire. I’m just stating my opinion. But other than that, think about it. Sex with someone who just died and was reborn? That’s more or less necrophilia since their bodies are in a dead-like state. When someone wants to be immortal, that means zero sex and no pleasure, just killing and drinking blood. Makes sense why it’s one of the reasons why in many stories, vampires warn their mortal companions that being a vampire isn’t fun.

    Since vampires can make other vampires with their bite and exchanging blood, then there is no need for sex to reproduce when they can already do that with their fangs. The act of drinking and the exchanging of blood is a metaphor for sex, so in a way, these beings are having sex, just not the same as humans. They are above any mortal pleasure, highly advanced, and intelligent…My theory.

  11. i am a 36 year old man looking for any 18 year old vampire to have sex with and i want to be turned into a vampire and i dont care about blood diseases or death why i have been living pain for 28 to 30 years now and no one can help all they do is make matters worse for me and i just want out of it so you see why i dont care i live at 4045 castel dr. groveport ohio 43125

  12. Intimacy as a vampire is unique , it is not sex as a human knows it , everything takes place above the waistline ….so to say . It is a carnal , euphoric experience.involving what humans would feel as pain what a vampire feels as pleasure. It is “other-worldly” , something that cannot be explained without a common frame of reference .

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