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Vampires & Werewolves: Legends and Lore Coming Soon

If you’re one of the many (awesome) people who love vampire history and folklore then I have the perfect DVD for you! Coming this November, the wonderful Discovery Channel is bringing us a brand new DVD titled Vampires & Werewolves: Legends and Lore. The upcoming film contains all sorts of historical goodies for the lovers of the undead (and the furry). Here’s a look at just the vampire portion of it:

“From Vlad to Blade and beyond, Twisted History: Vampires reveals everything you ever wanted to know about vampires but were afraid to ask! A slightly irreverent, expert and fact-driven hour on the history, lure, psychology, science and culture of vampires. An entertaining and knowledgeable line-up of historians, scientists, film directors and experts guide us through a story even creepier than fiction — from tales of ancient demons to bloodthirsty mass murderers to the real-life Count Vlad Dracula to subculture obsessions. The show debunks the myth that fingernails continue to grow on corpses, and explains why the obsessive-compulsive Count from Sesame Street is just like a real vampire. It explores the reported sightings of the chupakabra — a Central American vampire-like creature — and the “blood drinking” Tasmanian tiger of Australia. It reveals just how to kill a vampire with a lemon, and how the vampires in the movie “Blade” could go out during the day. It dips into the subculture where “real” vampires describe their “blood games”, and explains why Mexico has more vampire movies than anywhere else. It introduces hopping Chinese vampires, and shows why the vampire is still the most enduring Halloween costume.

A family renovating their new home soon discovers they are not alone. At first, they attribute the creepy noises and midnight scampering to raccoons. But what they discover instead is a secret room in the basement, a hidden lair inhabited by nocturnal beasts that feast on the blood of the living and have now been disturbed by their hosts!”

It sounds amazing! Just from that little description I can tell that they did a hell of a lot of research on vampire lore (they included lemons and counting after all). I can’t wait to pick this DVD up, The Discovery Channel does thins right.

Anyone else planning on picking this fangtastic DVD up?

– Moonlight

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Moonlight • September 4, 2011

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