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Vampiric Va-jay-jay?!

Truth About Trying Blogger Jen Jones Donatelli talks about the buzz-worthy treatment that has everyone scratching their heads.

You can’t make this stuff up. The doctor who invented the “vampire facelift,” Dr. Charles Runels of Alabama (of course he hails from my home state) has devised a new treatment for sagging libidos and other vaginal “problems” like dryness, painful intercourse, and the like. He calls it the O-Shot. (O-Shots for the G-spot?) Here’s how it works: You draw some blood from the patient, separate the plasma and then inject the plasma into the clitoris and “upper vagina.” As the blood comes from the woman herself and not from a “donor” I’m not sure you can call it a truly vampiric treatment. Is self-vampirism a thing? That would seem to be defeating the purpose, to me. Kinda like a cannibal chopping off parts of himself for sustenance.

Anyway, the vampire facelift has become sorta trendy, so don’t be surprised if the O-Shot also becomes a thing. Men aren’t likely to complain about anything that is designed to increase a woman’s libidinal prospects, but as is the case with all such “miracle cures,” only time will tell whether or not the procedure can deliver on what it promises. Me, I’m just waiting for something to go wrong, and some lady’s private parts to develop a “taste” for blood—or waiting for the inevitable porno based on this premise. VAMPIRE VAGINAS. Yeah, it could happen.



TheCheezman • September 4, 2015

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