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I expect you’ve all experienced it to some extent. There’s a derision that non-Horror people have for the Horror fanatics of the world; derision, if not outright hostility–or fear. Anyone who has read any of my fiction can attest to the fact that I don’t eschew violence, bloodshed, or gore if they’re called for. I’ve been criticized by “normal” acquaintances who look at me, and sometimes treat me, as if something were “wrong” about me. Folks like that don’t understand that Horror is psychologically healthy. I wonder, would it shatter their preconceived notions about me, to learn that this hardcore Horror junkie loves Disney cartoons? And I don’t just mean the big theatrical productions (and no, I don’t love ALL of them). I even have a soft spot for Disney Jr. It makes for good, relaxing, early morning breakfast background noise. If I didn’t every once in a blue moon pause on the Disney Jr. channel, I wouldn’t have learned about the existence of VAMPIRINA.

VAMPIRINA tells the story of a family of vampires, the Hauntleys, who move from Transylvania to the suburbs of PENNsylvania. There’s the father, Boris, with the stereotypical bad Eastern European accent; Oxana, the mom; and their daughter, Vampirina. Gregoria, a gargoyle; Demi, the resident ghost; and Vampirina’s two human best friends round out the cast. The Hauntleys have no trouble walking around in the sunlight, and they apparently don’t drink blood. Still, it’s adorable, and clever enough that an adult can appreciate the in-jokes. Give it a shot, especially if you’ve got kids. You gotta train ’em up right, y’know.

TheCheezman • October 19, 2017

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