Vanessa Hudgens in Horror Comedy ‘Kitchen Sink’ with Vampires, Zombies & Even a Few People!

It’s zombies vs. humans vs. vampires in the upcoming horror-comedy ‘Kitchen Sink,’ starring Vanessa Hudgens.

I picked this photo because it’s probably the skankiest one out there of Vanessa Hudgens; in all her other photos she looks like a sweet little 14 year old. Sorry y’all, she’s a grown-up now. The new movie, titled somewhat ambiguously “Kitchen Sink“, is about the prevention of an alien invasion; teenagers have to prevent it, and these teenagers live in a weird town where vampires, humans, and zombies live in relative peace.

At the top of the class hierarchy are vampires, middle class of humans, and naturally, down at the bottom, are the zombies. But when the aliens come, things go all topsy-turvy, and a vampire, human, and zombie must save the human, er– well, the town. Fun! 

By annimi

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