Video: Is Sookie Behind All The Town’s Bad Luck With Vampires

With just weeks to go before the seventh and final season of True Blood, HBO unleashed yet another trailer to whet our appetites. The 90-second trailer delivers a healthy mix of nostalgia, the usual violence and southern charms, along with what looks like a smooch fest between Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Alcide (Joe Manganiello). True Blood bids adieu

The much anticipated seventh and last season of ‘True Blood’ is here in a matter of days…okay 32 to be exact, yes, I counted. I am so excited about this last season, the two previous seasons of ‘True Blood’ have seemed much like filler, building for a much larger storyline that never evolved. Now, probably the very best of all the ‘True Blood’ seasons will begin in just a few weeks, and the blood bath will be immeasurable. Is there anyone you hope makes it out alive?

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