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Vigo the Carpathian, Klaus Kinski, and Mr. Potato Head

Writing about the 30-year anniversary(!) of GHOSTBUSTERS 2 last week got me to thinking. Upon rumination I began to wonder if they had ever made any action figures of Vigo the Carpathian. I didn’t recall that there were any, but perhaps I missed them. If they did in fact exist, as Vigo was inspired by Vlad Dracula, I figured I ought to own one. A quick eBay search revealed that not only had Vigo figures been produced, but there was one available for purchase in its original packaging, never opened, for a mere twenty bucks. Score! Vigo now stands scowling on my bookshelf, where he rightfully belongs.

I also never knew they’d made Mr. Potato Head Ghostbusters figures, either. But they did, and now I much possess them. One of them, anyway. The Mr. Potato Head Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. But which do I prefer? The toasted or pre-toasted version? I ain’t buyin’ both of ‘em, dammit!

The Mego figure for Nosferatu looks more like the version played by Klaus Kinski than the original portrayed by Max Schreck. Which sucks, since I have a Nosferatu figure that resembles Schreck but not one that resembles Kinski. Add that one to the ol’ shopping list, too. I’m gonna have to start a second job (which would actually be a third job) just to pay for toys!

TheCheezman • July 14, 2019

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