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Vincent’s Rotten Apples

It sounds like it could be some bad Alice in Chains cover band, but the title of this post actually refers to real apples, literal ones. And the Vincent mentioned is one Mr. Vincent Price. (The photo accompanying this article likely tipped you off.) Growing up, I read a lot of comicbooks. A LOT of them. In every grade in school I was reading far ahead of my fellow students, and I must credit comicbooks for much of that. New ones off the rack were great; old ones my mother bought for me at yard sales were even better. I had about an equal number of each. Far from infrequently, that image of Price and his “shrunken heads” appeared on the back covers or within the pages of those comics. I always wanted to order the kit, but, as mentioned, I got these comics sometime after they’d originally come out, and there was no guarantee that Whiting (owned by Milton Bradley) was even still selling them. Thus I never ordered one.

If I had purchased the kit and had tried my hand at turning desiccated apples into shrunken heads, I’m sure the results would have fallen far from the image that I held of them in my mind, or the image depicted in the advertisement. I’m also sure that it wouldn’t have mattered to me in the slightest.

I suppose there’s nothing stopping me from trying my hand at creating some of those sculptures now…

TheCheezman • June 24, 2020

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