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Visiting Different Pet Sematarys

Not everyone who has seen or will see the new movie will have seen the original from 1989, and even fewer of those will have read the novel upon which both were based. (The percentage of our population that is literate is shamefully low, it pains me to say.) That being the case, allow us here at ye olde trusty vampires site to break down some of the differences between the three. Since you all know how the new movie hands it down, I’ll focus on the original film and the novel.

In the book, Jud’s wife is still alive. Louis saves her from a near-death episode, and in gratitude Jud lets him in on the secret of the pet sematary when Church gets run-over. Zombie Gage then murders both Jud and his missus. Louis kills both the reanimated Gage and the reanimated Church in the novel. The story ends with him awaiting the arrival of his reanimated wife Rachel after he buries her in the pet sematary, after she is killed by zombie Gage.

In the original movie, Jud’s wife is already dead, written out of the story. It is little boy Gage who is killed and resurrected, like in the book, and he kills Jud, like in the book. And Louis kills both Gage and Church with an injection of morphine. The movie ends with Rachel’s return after she is resurrected, but whereas the book leaves it at that, the movie shows us zombie Rachel taking a knife to her husband.

Which movie, then, is the most faithful to the book? I’d have to say the original, which makes sense, considering that Stephen King wrote the screenplay. But which movie is *better*? Ah, therein lies the debate…

TheCheezman • April 16, 2019

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