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Wadjet Eye Games presents UNAVOWED

I was given a free pass to play UNAVOWED for review purposes. Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to do anything more than log in just to get a look at it. It looks good, I can report. And it seems cool enough that I don’t mind giving them a little publicity. Check out the poster above. That looks like Dan Brereton’s artwork, and I dig Brereton. You can also watch the official game trailer here. Go ahead. See? I told you it looks good. You can purchase UNAVOWED or some other cool-looking games here.

Here’s what the folks at Wadjet had to say: “Early on in the game, you’ll choose between three professions for the main character. This choice impacts the protagonist’s origin story as well as some gameplay. Once you’ve finished the game, you may want to replay the beginning to experience some of the variations. As you meet up with new members of “the Unavowed” at various points you’ll have to choose two of them to accompany you. Each character has unique skills that allow for different puzzle solutions, but there are no wrong choices. No matter who you have with you, there’s always a way to progress—no dead ends!”

By the way, the Wadjet, or Uadjet, is another name for the Eye of Horus symbol in Egyptian mythology. But you probably knew that already.

TheCheezman • August 13, 2018

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