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Walking Dead Wine

It’s an unusual week here at I’ve reviewed the new JUSTICE LEAGUE movie here instead of on our sister site,, and now I’m talking about THE WALKING DEAD here instead of over at In truth I could post about THE WALKING DEAD here every week, as the line betwixt vampires and zombies is mighty porous at times–see the blood-swilling undead Templar Knights from the TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD franchise as an example–if we didn’t have a site dedicated exclusively to zombies.

THE WALKING DEAD is so “over” (wrestling term) that they now even have TWD wines you can buy–and presumably drink. (I mean, I wouldn’t, but do as you wish.) Available for purchase and consumption are the Rick Grimes petite sirah, the Daryl Dixon Cabernet Sauvignon, and the California Bourbon Barrel Red Blend named in honor of Negan, or Negan’s baseball bat, Lucille, the “Vampire Bat.” And yes, it is this last fact that earns the wines a mention here instead of on our zombie site.

I don’t know anything about wine. I know it’s made from grapes and it’s alcoholic. I don’t know what a pinot grigio is, or a petite sirah. My experience with wine consumption is limited to the occasional glass at an Italian restaurant and a sip during worship services on Sundays. There’s red wine and there’s white wine, and some of it tastes better than others. At the aforementioned restaurants, I typically order Chianti. Not because I favor the taste, but because that’s the wine Hannibal Lecter references in THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. Yes, I am that much of a geek.

If, however, my favorite restaurants of choice start carry “Vampire Bat” wine, I will assuredly skip the Chianti and order it instead. I just won’t know if it’s any “good” or not.

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TheCheezman • November 26, 2017

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