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Warring Jokers

Time-Warner’s DC movie universe is still a big ol’ mess. Are they scrapping the entire JUSTICE LEAGUE extended “shared” universe concept? Can’t do that. AQUAMAN and WONDER WOMAN belong to that timeline, and they were both bona fide hits. But they got rid of Ben Affleck as Batman and may have likewise rid themselves of Henry Cavill’s Superman. The forthcoming Batman movie with Robert Pattinson will not be a part of the DC shared universe, but there MUST be a Batman in order to have a Justice League. Are they going to end up with a situation like they have with their multiple TV series, with more than one version of the same character appearing simultaneously?

After JOKER, as far as I am concerned, there is only ONE Joker, and that’s the Joaquin Phoenix version. I kinda feel bad for Jared Leto, though. His version of the character never had a chance. The editors, under orders from the studio, butchered his performance in SUICIDE SQUAD. We never really saw what he could do. Still, that’s no excuse for being petty. Reportedly Leto tried to torpedo JOKER and failed. Take a cue from Jack Nicholson, Jared. When a better Joker comes along, just let it ride.

TheCheezman • October 27, 2019

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