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Watch the Trailer for ‘A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night’

In her debut feature, filmed in America but with dialogue in Farsi, Ana Lily Amirpour creates a dark ghost world.

Welcome to “Bad City”; where a beautiful young Iranian vampire in a chador stalks the streets at night. The city is American-Iranian, and the movie, in the creator’s own words is meant to be a “surreal pop fairytale”; and filming it in black and white helped to establish this tone. Though the film was shot in American, the dialogue is Farsi. 

A bit of trivia that I really enjoyed here, mentioned in the source article; “The Girl” –our Farsi vampire, has a lot of posters in her room, and one of them looks like a shot of Madonna, but it’s actually a portrait of Margaret Atwood, –whom the creator of the film, Ana Lily Amirpour, met at a comic book convention and asked if she would do the shot. Atwood agreed, and now her poster is in the movie. Margaret Atwood is one of my single favorite authors of all time, so that’s wild, and totally cool. Do you need any more awesome reasons to see this movie? Click through to the source to see the trailer!


annimi • February 25, 2015

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