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Normally, I’m not one of those people who, for some reason, have to see all the special features on the DVD, and have to see every behind the scenes featurette they can get their hands on. But all the hype about HBO’s True Blood site is absolutely necessary. They have gone to insane lengths to keep us practically on the edge of a True-Blood-Orgasm while we wait for that magical day, June 13th, to see the season premier. And if you haven’t seen the new site, then you’re missing out on a lot!

Right now, if you head over to the Cast & Crew section, you get to see awesome introductory, mini-bio videos of all your favorite characters, like Sookie and Jason Stackhouse, Bill Compton, Eric Northman, Tara Thornton, Sam Merlotte, Lafayette Reynolds,  and even Maryann Forrester. Plus, they’re now adding videos of exclusive snippets from True Blood’s production; just adding more anxiety to the wait! So far they’ve added videos for Sam, Tara, and Eric.

Sam, ever the magnet for weird crap, is filmed sitting in his truck with a shotgun barrel pointed at his face, while a man orders him to get out of the car. Not a lot to go on, but still cool! Eric on the other hand, has a much cooler video. He looks like he’s been shot by Sookie, while in her house. Plus, he is also being attacked by a scraggly looking shirtless man in jeans, covered in tattoos, –while demanding to know who sent him.

Tara’s sneak peek production video is a lot shorter; it features glimpses of Tara talking to some guy at Sookie’s house, before he pounces on her near the door, and then makes with the bitey-bitey. Not a whole lot of information there, but plenty of carrot-dangling from HBO. They don’t have to tease us, we’re still crazy for True Blood!

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