Ways to Identify a Potential Vampire

Vampires have survived through ages in the history of our culture, as well as in our minds. There are people who have a strong belief in the real existence of vampires, while a few others strongly emphasize that they are just fictional and scary characters from novels, movies and television. Vampires are known to have specific biological genes passed on to them from their vampire ancestors since ancient times.

Do you believe there are vampires on this planet? Are you scared of one? Do you have a feeling that there might be a vampire disguised in a human form in your neighborhood?

There are ways to identify a potential vampire

  • Notice the people around you, and look out for those specific ones whose presence or aura is very powerful.
  • While speaking to them, see if you can notice their incisor (canine) teeth being slightly sharper than others.
  • A vampire’s skin is slightly colder than the average human body temperature. Try to find out by casually touching their skin.
  • When someone is injured, make sure to find out if their focus is more on the injured person or his or her injury. Remember, red stimulates and arouses their appetite, and blood is red.
  • Also find out if they have an unusual interest in the color red, especially about their fascination for blood.
  • If ever been kissed by them, have they bitten you hard enough to make you bleed? That’s another sign of vampires to watch out for.
  • Are they affected from the sun, a lot more as compared to a normal human being? They may of course not burn in the sun as we might have seen in the movies, but they would definitely always shield their eyes from the sun.
  • Their house will always be kept dark, with the curtains closed, they do not appreciate light in any form in their surroundings.
  • They normally react harshly to the sense of smell especially if it is the smell of onion or garlic.
  • They can easily smell blood. They will not be able to smell blood when it is inside a person’s body but just as it leaves the body, they can immediately smell it, and will most definitely get very excited and volatile about the spilled blood.
  • Be very aware of your surroundings and watch out for any of these characteristics in people around you.

By Veritas

Veritas is a faerie child, switched at birth and left with wonderful parents in a small shack deep in the hills of West Virginia. He believes in magick and hopes to inspire readers lured into the enchanted path. Occasionally, he'll post contributions from other authors so drop us an email if you're interested.


  1. Well, according to Middle- and Eastern European folklore, vampires are ruddy, warm and often fat, and not burnt by sunlight, so…

    1. Well we hate garlic but onions are realy good to eat…..as long as they are cookd. And I gess that I do get a little pissed off when some one is cut and they just wipe it off and throw it away. But most of this is from bad/stupid movies. :[

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  6. What this list fails to take into account is the fact there are multiple types of vampires, each with different traits, and different sets of weaknesses.

  7. If they talk about events as if they observed them personally(ie WW I and II, the Civil War, the Great Depression) when they are too young to have done so, I’d say that’s a dead giveaway as well!

  8. Okay so I really wanna meet a vampire… I want to help them.. Not all are bad.. I wish I will find them one day. ♥

    1. It could be that we are a vampire and may not even know it as we indulge in human behavior like eating food

  9. This is not true for all Vampire. There are many different species of Vampire. Some are weaker in the sun while some remain in unaffected by it’s rays. I only know the characteristics of three species of Vampires. One sunburns faster but not quickly. The other two remain unaffected. All require blood to be at full strength but one can survive without it. Fangs are not constantly out, but can come out during danger. A lot of practice is needed to bring them out at will. Strength is enhanced in all three as well as endurance and speed. All three are VERY observant as it is needed to help hide from society. The memory of Vampires is very strong but we are not immortal. We age and die. The rest of the characteristics I am keeping secrets for the safety of the others of my race. Please remember though that not all Vampire are bad or evil, like humans, we are capable of doing good.

    1. Yes…It true..In fact i have all the traits and always be punish by my parent cause always sleep late…You know..hard to sleep at night…And i drink my own blood since i cannot pierce other skin because my fangs not sharper enough..heh

  10. I know of a woman I suspect is some kind of human hybrid vampire. She is a very talented musician. Has strange abilities. Astral travels. Can tell when someone is looking at her, has this aura of mystique, very pale, her flesh is colder than usual, has died several times in life, has visions that come true, aversion to sunlight, strong connection with spirits. I’ve witnessed this and she terrfies some people but I’m not scared because she’s very helpful and has a good heart with a strong sense of justice. She has this very hypnotically strange music that she writes alone and has visions of the past with shockingly accurate details as if uncovering hidden things.

    Is she a vampire or is there such a thing as some kind of hybrid vampire/human or even vampire/witch? Several are concerned she might be possessed but she’s been this way for a very long time and she doesn’t seem to age normally.

    Here is her music. If anyone can pick it up from her music alone let me know. Something very old soul/ Should I be worried about her or just let her be herself?

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