We Got More True Blood Videos Than You Can Shake a Stake At!

All right, that was corny… but it’s true! I’ve been keeping up with all the videos popping up for the upcoming season of True Blood, and so far, it looks like it’ll be pretty awesome. Last season was okay, –definitely could’ve been better, but it was still True Blood, and we’re still huge fans of the show. Despite the fact that the show obviously has no love for us. So without further ado, here’s the first of the videos, a Waiting Sucks! feature centered on a very angry Pam, demanding witch and co. –which apparently includes Tara and Lafayette, –to “fix” her maker.

The next Waiting Sucks video is focused on Terry; as if he needs any more anxiety. If you remember, in the last season we discovered that Arlene is pregnant, –with a certain fake Creole psychopath’s baby… despite an attempt to force a miscarriage. Apparently, someone or something paranormal wants Terry to know the truth about the new baby.

Instead of a new Waiting Sucks video for the last week, instead, they delivered an “On the Set” video, which discusses what’s going on in the new season, –in the words of the cast and crew. There are a ot of mini-peeks into the show, plus, it’s three times as long as a Waiting Sucks video. Yay! Even Alan Ball makes a short appearance, talking about the witches in season 4.

And last but not least, there’s a new, almost four minute video promo for True Blood’s new season: everyone’s in it, and there’s a ton of spoilers and sneak peeks! Actually, I’m lying. Psyche. It’s just a hilarious prank promo-parody that I found on YouTube while searching for the real thing. But it’s still great. Check it out!

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