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A two-for-one to start this second season off. Two back-to-back episodes to get us off on the right foot. Two shows in and we’ve met a zombie, a necromancer, several ghosts, and one Babadook. (If you didn’t see it, it would be hard for me to explain.) Seeing Jesk, aka Jeshk, aka Jeff, aka Gregor (portrayed by versatile actor Jake McDorman) return was a pleasant surprise. I really enjoyed that character from season one, and to have him back now as a ghost, something Laszlo can’t so easily do away with, promises lots of comedic possibilities, presuming we see him again this season. (I’m betting we will.) And it looks like we’ll get to have Nadja’s ghost around for a while, too, in the form of the Annabelle-esque creepy doll. (Again, if you didn’t see it, it’d be hard to explain.)

The funniest development, though, is seeing Guillermo as a full-fledged vampire slayer. How did he become so badass so quickly? He’s right up there with Buffy these days, but still loyal to Nandor, Laszlo, and Nadja. And Colin Robinson too, by extension. I’m glad to see the writers following up on the storyline from the first season, with the vampire council now sending assassins after our three protagonists—not that they are aware of it, what with Guillermo batting cleanup for them.

Oh, and I remain convinced that Natasia Demetriou is the sexiest thing on television. It’s probably the accent.

TheCheezman • April 18, 2020

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