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What Could Go Wrong?

First of all, this is happening on a place called the Isle of Wight. Hel-LO! That alone should be a tip-off! A “wight” is a zombie, a revenant. Everybody knows that. Why then would you knowingly build a house on top of a grave on a place named for zombies? (I don’t know if the Isle of Wight was really named for zombies or not. Probably not. Google says it was named by the Romans and is a derivation of “weight.” I prefer to think it was named after zombies.) Developers on the Isle of Wight have plans to build houses on top of the graves of people, some of them recently interred. As you’d imagine, this has not gone over well with the relatives of people buried in those graves.

For real, what are these people thinking? How much money do they think they’d make off houses that people know are built on top of a cemetery? From a business standpoint alone it isn’t a good idea. That’s the reason why the shady developers in POLTERGEIST lied about moving the bodies before they built the housing development. They knew nobody would want to live there otherwise. And we see how well that worked out for the people in the movie, now don’t we?

TheCheezman • May 26, 2019

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