What Did You Think of the True Blood Season 5 Premiere?

After months of waiting and countless promotions teasingly flung in our faces Season 5 of True Blood has finally arrived! The season opener, titled Turn! Turn! Turn!, premiered last night on HBO. Everyone had high expectations for the long-awaited episode and the question of the day is – did it deliver?

It did! For me at least. I was expecting an uneventful episode that simply set up future episodes, but was pleasantly surprised by how filling this first one was. True Blood has royally disappointed me so many times in the past that I am actually amazed by how much I enjoyed this episode. However, it was by no means perfect. There were moments that definitely irritated me, like…

  • Andy naked and in bed with Holly. This whole thing is totally pointless and for me, it adds nothing to the main story or to the show itself. It feels like a giant waste of time and I have no interest in it.
  • The mayor. Another unnecessary character that the show doesn’t need. I hate having too many random side stories. It ruins the overall story.
  • Sookie not telling Alcide the truth. He is one of the few nice guys in her life, he deserved it.
  • The werewolves torturing Sam. Hearing him made me want to cry. Poor Sam.
  • Jessica pulling the cliché party girl act. It’s so overdone and boring. That scene got a big eye-roll from me.

Now for the moments that I loved:

  • Steve Newlin going from bigot to a gay vampire American. I found it highly amusing. I only hope that it doesn’t turn into a pointless subplot. It was a funny moment, but one that shouldn’t be dragged out.
  • Tara is a vampire! Honestly, Tara is one of my least favorite characters, but in spite of that I didn’t want her to die. Having everyone in Sookie’s life die would be over-the-top ridiculous and unbelievable.
  • The bromance between Bill and Eric. Look at them playing nice!
  • The fact that there wasn’t any real incest in the episode. Others had mentioned that the show would once again have disturbing incest scenes and I was SO not looking forward to it. But Nora isn’t actually Eric’s real sister, they were just both made by Godric. Thank goodness! Also, the sex scene was hot.
  • Pam. Any moment with Pam is a good moment.

Overall, I really enjoyed the first episode of Season 5. I do hope that they tone down the side plots though, we really do not need dozens of random stories. They need to focus. Here’s hoping the show gets better and better.

What did you think of the season opener?

And make sure you check out the promo for the next episode “Authority Always Wins.”

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


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  4. Even though their not real brother&sister, its still Eric’s vampire sister , so its kind of wierd that they F***. But iguess since their not blood, it doesn’t matter but it was funny when they showed Bill’s facial expressions when her and eric had sex Lol… And Tara as a vampire will be interesting!

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