What Did You Think of True Blood Season 4?

After the third season of True Blood I was pissed, and honestly, I didn’t even want to continue watching True Blood after that ridiculous mess. The storyline went absolutely nowhere, there wasn’t a solid plot to be found and there were far too many ridiculous side-stories that were totally pointless. It sucked bad enough that I had damn near sworn off True Blood. But in spite of my hatred for that disaster I still gave season 4 a shot and… I was happy I did. Alan Ball must have listened to the raging fans disappointed by the third season because season 4 was one hell of an improvement.

Season 4 managed to rekindle my True Blood love and that was because it actually had a good story this time around. Not only that, but the majority, not all, but the majority of the minor characters also had a role in the main plot rather than having ten million random-ass side plots. Even the minor storylines served a purpose this season, they let us get to know characters better and also set us up for future seasons.

This season had one main bad guy, or rather, lady – Marnie the wicked witch, and she was awesome. She was the villain we needed, the one big bad that could hurt everyone, not just the humans. I am beyond happy with that character and where she took the story. Her evil ways actually managed to bring everyone together and actually got that solid plot I have been waiting for. Points to Marnie.

There were many other things I loved in season 4 too, like Tommy dying (he was getting on my nerves), Jessica’s attempt to find herself (she may be a vampire but she’s still a woman growing up and changing) Alcide naked (YAAAAAAAAAY!), Sookie putting her foot down in the end and not picking one vampire over the other (she needs a vamp break), Terry (I seriously adore this character and everything he does), Sam FINALLY having a happy relationship (and Luna is SO hot), Debbie dying (hated her) and on and on… I liked many things.

However, season 4 was by no means perfect. I had a few issues with this season too, like the fairy stuff. What exactly was the point of it? I understand the beginning and having Sookie come back a year later, it saved the writers from cleaning up the mess they made last season. But why keep bringing the fae back when they apparently serve no purpose? I don’t know, but it was frustrating.

My biggest issue of all was Hotshot. I HATE anything to do with Hotshot, no, I fucking hate it. I get that they had to clear up the Crystal/Jason nonsense from last season and they also needed to give Jason a reason to drink Jessica’s blood, but really, was all of that Hotshot crap necessary? No. Were the rape scenes necessary? Absolutely not! Having Jason raped by an entire town made me lose a lot of respect for HBO. Had the roles been reversed and it was a woman being gang raped HBO would have gotten hell for it, but no, apparently it’s ok if it’s a man. Grrrr. Hated it.

I also hate Sookie’s sex face, it’s just terrible. That doesn’t affect how I feel about this season, but I just had to throw that in there. Seriously Anna, you look like you’re about to fall asleep.

Overall, I really enjoyed this season. It wasn’t the best season in the history of forever, but it was a HUGE improvement from last season and that made me happy. Hopefully season 5 is even better.

What did you think of True Blood Season 4? Love it, hate it, sorta like it? Let me know in a comment below!

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


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  3. I enjoyed the season.

    I, too, was happy to see Debbie go away. I was disappointed to see Jesus killed off.

    As far as Sookie, I think she is the most lackluster character in the series. She’s just…vacuous.

    It was nice to see limp-fang Bill gain some testosterone. I don’t want him to gain too much. I hope Eric kicks his ass next season.

    I liked the fairy stuff. I was hoping ball might do more with it. I do hope we are through with the goobers at Hotshot. But don’t you think that Jason would have impregnated a least 4 or 5 women?

    I thought the scene with Bill and Eric gnawing on Sookie, with the two vamps wearing matching robes, was just silly and corny. But we all know that True Blood is corny (and humorous) at times; I suppose that adds some charm. I guess.

    Poor Pam!

  4. Sookie should have moe powers and they need her to be more comfortable doin them cus when she do them she look uncomfortably and scared to do it like damn and wonder who’s gonna be more the nxt big villian now that marnie is gone

  5. i really enjoyed season 4, i agree season 3 was absolutely rubbish! Russel was the worst villain in history of television and i cnt believe they are bringing him back! Im glad sookie has ditched that whole vampire love triangle it was getting too much like twilight and vampire diaries, its been done to death! I thought that whole thing with Jason getting raped was horrible and not needed at all i was pissed at them for doing that!
    Season 4 really had a great story line that i don’t think true blood has had since the first season. I now adore eric even more, him losing his memory was the cutest thing, i think it refreshed the character! I also loved marine as the villain!
    Hope season 5 will be just as good cause the fifth book in the true blood series is known to be boring!

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