What is a Rogue Vampire?

There’s not a lot written about rogue vampires and that’s precisely the way they want it. Rogue vampires are just that – they are a special kind of evil, will easily turn on their own kind, and are generally loners. What’s known about rogue vampires is little. This is partly because rogue vampires are rarer than other types of vampires and so, not many have been able to observe them. Also, rogue vampires are known for being very private, making keeping records of any such creature nearly impossible.

The idea of covens or families of any kind to a rogue vampire would not only be laughable, but downright unbearable. Few vampires, even those that lean way over on the evil side, have what it takes to put up with a rogue vampire’s furiousness and brutality. If a rogue vampire does feel as though they would like some company, they’ll usually mate or partner with only one other rogue vampire and the two will live separately of other humans, and other vampires.

Besides preferring to be alone and being especially brutal, there are a few other specific characteristics of rogue vampires. One of these is that rogue vampires tend to live longer than other kinds of vampires. This is due to the fact that they like to live alone and so, they don’t usually draw attention to themselves or have other vampires or people around them that could give away their identity.

There are many speculations as to how to kill a regular vampire, and all of those ways are still pretty difficult. Killing a rogue vampire, should you need to, is even tougher. Firstly, they can only be killed with a certain kind of sword. What type of sword exactly that may be is unknown exactly. This is largely because these swords have only been found at sites of dead bodies that are believed to have once belonged to a rogue vampire. No mention in the history books of these types of swords is ever mentioned but it is believed that it was some type of silver sword that could do the job. Also, not only was it this particular type of sword, but the head of the rogue vampire also had to be decapitated before the rogue vampire would die.

Whether or not rogue vampires ever existed, or whether or not they still exist, is largely up for debate. Most people think that while they were mostly killed off before the 18th century, some think that while their population may have dwindled significantly, they certainly never went extinct, and are still in some parts of the world today.

– Kate


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