What is in Store for Bonnie and *SPOILER*

The Vampire Diaries is already gearing up for a big Season 5 now that Season 4 has come to a close. Executive producer Julie Plec has been revealing some little bits about the upcoming season. Like, what’s in store for Bonnie and her man.

normal_VD4_Jeremy_GreySPOILERS BELOW!

If you haven’t seen the Season 4 finale, don’t read on.

If you did see the last episode then you know about Bonnie and Jeremy. Bonnie is dead and Jeremy is alive! Craziness!

In a recent interview, Plec revealed that Jeremy would have a difficult time adjusting to his “humanity.” Which is to be expected.

Plec said, “Jeremy will not have a very easy time of it. His first big hurdle is his cover story for being suddenly alive. So he’ll struggle a bit with the return to the normal world.”

It was also revealed that he will have to keep Bonnie’s ghost a secret from the rest of the folks in Mystic Falls.

She said, “I think she was pretty clear about Jeremy wanting to keep her secret so I guess we’ll see how long he’s willing to do that. The predicament for Bonnie is that she’s on the other side so she can pop in and see what’s up and who’s doing what.”

“So she’s going to struggle a bit in the beginning and that’ll either strengthen or hurt her budding relationship with Jeremy which already has so many obstacles attached to it,” Plec said

Ooooh! What do you think about what went down with Bonnie and Jeremy? Were you surprised, shocked, happy, disappointed, pissed? Let us know in a comment below! As for season 5, that won’t be here for like, a year. Sad face.

– Moonlight

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