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What Mark Hamill Did In The Shadows

If you’re one of the unlucky few who didn’t see this week’s episode of WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, first, I’m sorry that you were so deprived, and second, you can go ahead and skip this post. No recaps here, I’m afraid. This sermon is intended for the choir.

Did you, like me, instantly find yourself longing to see Hamill’s character, Vampire Jim, become a regular, or at least a recurring character? Hamill is a self-professed huge mark for the show, so I’m betting he’d be willing to do it if they offered him the gig. Sign that paycheck already, Taika and Jemaine! Get this guy under contract! Of all the guest stars we’ve seen thus far on this series—and we’ve had a virtual pantheon of talent—Hamill’s Vampire Jim is my favorite.

Mark Hamill could have so easily been typecast after STAR WARS, doomed to embody the fresh-faced, inherently good but naïve male ingénue until he got too old to do it, then be forgotten. In fact that happened for a little while, in the years following RETURN OF THE JEDI, until Hamill proved via his voice acting skills just what he’s capable of, and then in more recent roles like Crow in SUSHI GIRL and, yes, Vampire Jim, where he’s proven just how versatile and talented he is. I’m a mark for Mark Hamill, anyway, but Vampire Jim just made me love him even more.

TheCheezman • May 14, 2020

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