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What To Expect From DRACULA

Just to remind you all that there is supposed to be another DRACULA television series. It’s being developed by the guys who did the show SHERLOCK, so we know that they know how to do period drama. Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are ready to begin writing the show’s first episode, so it’s still in the pre-pre-production stage. “Dracula? Well, we’ve got a lot of ideas, we need to go and sit down now and really talk about it… But once we get moving, we’ll move fast…It’s early stages…We’ve had a lot of talks, a lot of meetings, our favorite part–throwing ideas around. We’re going to go away to start writing it…” stated the pair. Well, get on it, fellas!

Obviously there are still no details as to the casting or the overall production, but as I said, these guys know how to deliver a period piece. They know how to do Victorian England. There is every reason to be optimistic. The big question, of course, on every fan’s mind is, who will end up playing the part of Count Dracula? Who would YOU like to see in the role? I’d have to give it some thought, but I think ideally I’d prefer to see an immensely talented unknown in the role. And someone taller than the previous small-screen Dracula, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. He did a decent job with the part, but Renfield CAN’T be taller than Dracula! It just throws off the whole dynamic!

TheCheezman • February 20, 2018

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