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What to Look for in Season Four of THE STRAIN

The Tone Show does a good job in this video of breaking down everything we see in the latest season four trailer for THE STRAIN, which is set to debut Sunday July 16th on FX. Is Setrakian going to be turned into a Strigoi? Or is it a fake-out, a scene from a nightmare, perhaps? It appears everybody from the last season is still alive, but this is hardly a surprise. If they were going to kill any of them off, they would have done it in the season three finale. Otherwise they’ll wait to kill them off this season.

Are the Strigoi smart now? They’d have to be, if they’re driving, wouldn’t they? Granted, I’ve met a few unpleasant sorts who could drive but were otherwise brain-dead, but still. We have now firmly transitioned over into post-apocalyptic territory. They could go all Mad Max with it if they wanted to. All the principals are represented except my favorite, Quinlan, but he gets his moment in the spotlight, figuratively-speaking, in this promo, here. Looks like he’s gonna be teaming up with my favorite non-vampire character, Fet. I can dig it.

This time out, somebody please kill that little brat, Zack. I know he’s a kid, and hoping for his death is probably a tad morbid, but come on, people, he blew up a city during one of his prepubescent temper tantrums! He got ta’ go!

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TheCheezman • June 13, 2017

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