What Twilight Book Cover Do You Like Best?

As the Twilight movies become more popular, the original covers of the books are now being replaced by pictures of the movie posters. This cover of New Moon, for instance, now has a picture of Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner in character and in a passionate embrace. This disturbs me. Not because I don’t like the actors, but because the series is not about them. It’s about the characters. And I think that newbook covers like this take away from that. Twilight was brilliant before the actors stepped into the parts, and I think that these covers make the series famous for the wrong thing.

Another thing that bothers me about the new book covers is that there was a lot of thought that went behind the original book covers. Each original cover for Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn holds a lot of meaning for what happens in the book. And the new covers have no meaning. Except that now the books have been exploited beyond imagination and that you can look at pretty people while you read them.

Looking at this breakdown of the meaning behind the original covers of the Twilight saga, you can see how changing them into movie posters is just plain wrong.

Twilight – The picture of the girl’s hands holding the apple is symbolic of Bella holding forbidden fruit. The fact that the entire cover is black and white, and the apple is red is symbolic of Bella’s blood that is forbidden fruit to Edward. He wants it so desperately but he must not take it.

New Moon – The picture of the rose blossom that’s falling apart is symbolic of Bella physically coming apart after Edward’s departure. The petals are colored red to symbolize the blood that Bella’s heart is bleeding in Edward’s absence. It’s no coincidence that the falling petal looks like a tear.

Eclipse – This cover shows a red ribbon that’s broken in half. This represents the love that Bella has for both Jacob and Edward and how she is being torn apart having to choose between the two. Bella feels as though she is being ripped in half because it seems as though her love for the two can’t coexist in the same world.

Breaking Dawn – I actually used to think that the pawn on the cover of this cover represented Edward and that the Queen chess piece represented Bella, becoming more powerful and important than Edward as she merged into her new life. Turns out, both pieces represent Bella. The red piece symbolizes her as a weak human, filled with red blood. Her transformation into the pale Queen is shown much larger, and much stronger than her former human self.

A quick look at the meanings behind the book covers shows just how important they are to the entire series. Messing with that is such a shame.


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  2. Hey:)
    I feel the same about it too,why changing the book covers its not about the actress its about the chracters..when i red the books well i saw the movie first the first and the second ofcourse and then i red the 3th and 4th and i saw bella and edward the way i want to see them sometimes i saw them as Robert and kristin and sometimes i had other faces..
    but i like the original covers..I love the original covers meaning wow so perfect to the book. thanks for posting the meaning for each book..

  3. Happy to! I find the meanings behind them very interesting too. I too saw the first movie before I delved into each and every one of the books. If you haven’t yet, read the first two from the series as well. There are a few inconsequential, but interesting things that were left out of the movies. Glad you liked the post!

  4. SO many things are changed in the movies that it doesn’t feel like the same book with the new book covers. That’s why I always told my mom “I don’t want to get the one with them on it. The others are better.”

  5. I feel totally the same the covers mean something and if you have pictures on the cover then you can’t imagine what the charecters look like. In my opinion they should never have changed the book covers,they are sybolic.It’s the same with all these twilight Action figures and puzzles and plastic neclaces theye are ruining the sybolisme. i am a huge TWILIGHT fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the books but in my opinion the books r WAY better than the movie!!!!!!

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