What’s In a Word?

We’ve covered many different types of vampires in great posts that you can find here and here. But really, once we’ve wandered into the land of sparkling teenage boys, what has the word “vampire” really come to mean? Here are some basic breakdowns of different types of vampires, wannabe vampires, and those who may actually have some sort of physical or mental disorder.

Energy Medium: These are not vampires. But energy mediums can control the energy and the atmosphere around them (think Jasper Cullen but not vampire.) Some energy mediums claim that they are not human but these are rare cases.

Gwaetgar: This is the rarest type of vampire. These beings are definitely not human and are also known sometimes as “Otherkin.” In Welsh, “Gwaetgar” actually translates into “bloodthirsty.” The Gwaetgar are thought to have the same capabilities as energy mediums but that they can use the energy they control through blood.

Otherkin: Those who claim themselves to be Otherkin usually state that they are not human and that they have no soul, although outwardly they look very similar to humans. Some people with vampire tendencies claim themselves to be “vampire Otherkin.”

Human vampire-like predator: This is undoubtedly the most dangerous type of vampire. They may or may not actually be a vampire but regardless, they perform vicious and criminal acts that involve drinking and draining blood. They are sometimes found to have a serious mental disorder.

Lifestyler: These are people that dress like vampires and engross themselves in vampire culture. They may or may not actually be vampires.

Vampire: A person that has died and come back in a beautiful and attractive form and usually has heightened abilities and strengths. The actual existence of real vampires is a topic highly debated among many, even many readers of our site.

Vampire Communities: Groups of people that gather to talk about their vampiric tendencies, and to help and support each other. While these people may or may not claim to be real vampires, most of them are, or at least, say they are.

– Kate


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  3. Gwaetgar…if that isn’t a totally kickass name for a death metal band, I don’t know what is!!

    I know which one of those I am, for sooth…but right now, I gotta say I’d rather be a Cheese Puff….or perhaps MAYBE a woman’s underwire…HMMmmmm

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