What’s Your Favorite in the Twilight Saga?

I was watching an interview with Stephenia Meyer on Oprah the other day and of course, she was talking about New Moon’s imminent release. The interview was very interesting as Stephenie spoke about how New Moon was meant to be “the quiet novel” and how the action that occurs at the end was only ever put it in because her mom told her the book was too slow-paced to be really, really interesting. I guess her mom thought that the book needed a little more “pop” at the end and eventually, Stephenie agreed with her. Of course, this got me to thinking about New Moon and how yes, it is a quieter book but, it’s probably also one of my favorites in the series. That got me to thinking, “What is my favorite book in the series?” Funny, I had become so hooked on the story and the characters that I had never asked myself this before. So, which is it?

I’m usually one to go with the “first of anything is the best” mentality. Only because this is where we will find out what the story is really all about. And because it’s usually the most original of any series. But to be honest, I think I’ve seen and read the first Twilight just a few too many times for it to be my favorite. So that leaves the other three. Eclipse was out right away. Not because it’s a bad book. It’s just that nothing really happens in it. We do see more of how torn Bella is between Edward and Jacob but other than that, it’s the same old “vampires fighting vampires” kind of stuff. And of course there’s also the same “Bella and Edward love each other” kind of stuff. So, I guess my choices are now narrowed down to New Moon and Breaking Dawn.

The fact that both of these two books are dynamite is not in question. In New Moon, I loved reading about the legends of the werewolves, where they came from, and of course, Bella’s hallucinations. This is also the first book that we really learn of Jacob’s love for Bella, and there’s something so sweet about that throughout the remaining books that it simply cannot be overlooked. And Stephenie Meyer’s mom was right – the action at the end when the Volturi need to be faced is phenomenal and made me want to duck under the covers at times. But Breaking Dawn is filled with so many unexpected twists and turns that it really is a page-flipper and has things that you just wouldn’t expect. That being said, I think that Breaking Dawn has one of the most predictable endings of any book I’ve ever read. But that doesn’t make it bad, does it?

I think this one goes to Breaking Dawn. As much as I love New Moon, and as excited as I am about the movie, there’s just too much other stuff going on in the last book of the saga. If New Moon was Meyer’s “quiet” book, then Breaking Dawn definitely qualifies as her “noisiest.” With twists and turns happening from the very first page, and so many things going on within every chapter, I think I can overlook the fact that I knew how the book would end before I even read it.

So, what’s your favorite book in the Twilight saga?


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  2. My favorite was the first book. It wasn’t fantastic but it wasn’t horrible either, it kept me entertained ;) The last book, Breaking Dawn, on the other hand… it was so bad I couldn’t even finish it, I hated it that much.

    1. moonlight how could u not finish breaking dawn that was my favorite of them all i read it over and over again.
      ohh and by the way r u on team jacob or team edward?

      1. my favorite was breaking dawn, but all the books were really good. and im on edwards side? r u on edwards or jacobs side?

    2. Hw could u nt finish breaking dawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      it is the best book out of all 4
      i mean seriously

    1. Yep, it’s so tough for me choosing between “New Moon” and “Breaking Dawn.” I love both of them so much and they’re both so interesting in their own ways. I too thought it would be a long and boring book without Edward. Just goes to show us that he’s not all THAT I guess lol.

      Wow Moonlight, that’s a whole lotta hate you got going on there lol! I liked it so much because the entire book was just filled with so many unexpected things for me. And I kept saying to my bf, “Wow, this is SO messed up!” lol The ending though, yes, very, very bad. You’ll be happy to know that you didn’t miss much and I’m sure the way you imagined it ending in your head is exactly how it happened….so, so predictable!

      1. See, I hated it because I had read and seen all of it before in other books and on TV. It was ridiculous to me. I kept thinking “wow something a lot like this happened in this episode of this show, wtf.” Not a single thing in that book (I read over halfway) was anything new and it was frustrating and stupid to me. I know I know, nothing is really “creative” anymore ;)

        Also, this is something I do with all books btw, if the story doesn’t move in a way I like I can’t stand it lol. Like in New Moon when he left I was like “NoOoOOoOO that’s not what I wanted to happen!!! I hate you all!” ;) But it got better so my anger was short lived. Haha.

  3. I could not put down the first three books. I bought and read them with in the same day. But, as you said Breaking Dawn was well bad. I stopped reading it after the third chapter. I think that none of these books will ever beat Anne Rice. Her books started it all.

  4. Eclipse was like… “snoooooore”; but I still don’t I could pick a favorite. I liked them all equally. Anne Rice.. egads. The whole, Vampire Chronicles thing, –after reading them all just for the experience, I can say, that the drama, the verbosity, the blurry lines of sexuality etc.. yeah, boring. If I’m reading Anne Rice, it will be Violin, or the Sleeping Beauty trilogy.

    1. Hey, um no the book that sucked the most was acctuly Twilight. I think that Eclipse was the one that made me finish the series. Here is what I think of the sereis from Best to Worst.
      New Moon
      Breaking Dawn
      Twilight o.O

  5. Well I read all the TWILIGHT sage. Many of my friends think that Im crazy because I have read all of them like 5 times. But LOVE every single one of them. So stop writting shit about them and dont hate Stephenia Meyer. And if you dont like them, then you write a book thats better. SO DONT HATE.EDWARD IS SEXY. JACOB IS FINE AS HELL. :D XOXOXOX

  6. I luuuuuuuuvv each one, but i think the first en the last book are my favorites, because in the first part you get to know the characters, and then in the last book, she gets to be a vampire too, and i like the way you experience all the feelings she is feeling!

    1. hey laura i agree with u …even my views are similar…n abt d last buk ..its amazin while readin it i myself was experiencin..stephenie meyer is a gr88 writer..i totally adore her …her writin skills …mean dey r totally faB..I WISH ONLY 4 1 DAY I WULD BE IN HER BRAINS N WULD GET TO KNW WAT WAS SHE THINKIN OF..

  7. Mine is Breaking dawn because it has the most action. Bella becomes a mother and a vampire! And she can protect all those she cares for as a vampire with her powers.
    ’nuff said!

  8. My favorite is Eclipse, because you learned how everyone was turned and why. My favorite character in the books is Jasper, and he has a big role in the third book so that plays a part too :)

  9. Yessss I absalloootly love all of them ok
    no dont hate i have them all
    even life size carboards of them
    :) sorry
    All u guys who dont like twilight are RE

  10. Before i begin with my favorite Twilight Saga book, i have to say, i was looking at the Related Reading list and i saw a Warriors Series book. The Warriors Series is my second favorite series!!!!!!! (it was my favorite before Twilight Saga) SUNRISE ROCKS!!!! Anyway, my favorite has to be Breaking Dawn. Renesemee is freaking awesome but Jacob, really? Why Bella’s daughter??? I know you love Bella but…..SERIOUSLY???? All the twists and turns are very intresting, too. I finished it in 4 days. I could’nt put it down. It was a big shock to me when i finished it because it took me more than a week to finish Eclipse. Anyway, Twilight doesnt have most of their facts right but it’s entertaining to read.

  11. when i read eclipse it was soooo amazing and different from the first book and when i got to the part when edward, bella and jacob planned to go camping i was shocked that edward let jacob sleep by bella to keep her warm inside the tent and by the way i own all four if the books and im planning to audition for eclipse and met the cast and crew and be able to get to know them especialy taylor lautner i think funny in his own way and totally cute!

  12. I’d have to say ‘Breaking Dawn’ because it actually (no offense) had action in it. Interesting things happened. Twilight was okay, New Moon, I thought was really good, but Eclipse was super-boring. I skipped to the ending.
    I still think she should have married Jake instead! And is it just me, or Renesmee kinda creepy?

  13. I think Eclipse was the best fallowed by Breaking Dawn. Eclipse was nice, Edward still loved Bella even though (we later found out) that kissing her hurt like hell. Then you have the Wolves and the Vamps joining to face a common foe =D I liked that a lot, and there was the usual strife between Edward and Jacob, but they also started to understand each other more.

  14. Look at that, all you have to do is write a topic about Twilight and look how many comments!
    Personally I think Twilight would still be my favourite, because of all the mysterious upleadings and the terrific ending. I usually favour the villian and the fact that James very nearly won really did it for me.
    Team Jacob or Edward? Team Volturi!!

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  16. I love them all, But my favorite was Breaking Dawn. I found it the most interesting. It seems that a lot of people have different opinions but I LOVED IT! (:

  17. my rateings of the twilight books goes like this: 1-Breaking Dawn 2-Twilight 3-Eclipse 4-(odviously)New Moon. dont hate all i have to say is that Breaking Dawn is freakin’ awesome and i could read it a million more times, but try to make me read New Moon again and i will fall asleep in mer seconds. sure it has some good parts like with the voltori and bella coming to the rescue but i could barly read it for an hour straight. it took me the longest to read and Breaking Dawn i couldnt put that baby down! Renesemee i think is adorable and with the whole imprinting thing with jacob makes it even funnier! i like how the entire voltori come together and they are defeated and you get to meet some of the cullen’s friends which is really cool. but i think the ending of the book just leaves you with more questions then answers, thats my review and you can think anything youwant of it just dont hate on breaking dawn

  18. i liked twilight cuz its the first one and its introducing the whole series:)
    i hated new moon cuz Bella was depressed the whole way
    eclipse was good because of the thrill and fights that kept me going on
    and the best was ,without a doubt, breaking dawn it had twists on every chapter and i really couldn’t put it down!! ,even thought the ending was cliche but i loved every word:):)

  19. i lv all the books
    it’s realy hard to choose
    its all like 1 book
    twilight is the intro duction
    new moon is where all the emotion comes in
    eclipse has action
    breaking dawn has romance.

  20. New Moon is the best book in the series. The most epic of them all. Eclipse sucked and breaking dawn was okay and twilight was good but new moon is the best of the movies and books.

  21. My favorite was Eclipse. It was leveled between vampires and werewolves. In my opinion it also had the most suspense. My least favorite was New Moon. I mean give me a break Bella. You lost Edward. So what? Move on. I mean you dont need to act like your going to die because your love left you. I had to force myself to read the whole second one.

  22. All i want to say that my name is so weird that my friends are afraid of me as well and my name too,that’s because only they know my secrets includin that i am vampire,i am not a Apotomkin or the cold one i am human vampire,who doesn’t have the capability of speed and strength,i have everythin!!!

  23. I think the whole twilight books and movies are awsome.I’ve seen #1,2 and # 3. I’ve read book #1 and #3. exept #2 and #4. exept #4 of the movie called breaking dawn.

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  25. Twilight is shit! Real vampires don’t freaking sparkle! I hate Twilight! Twilight saga sucks! Edward and Cullens are no vampires they’re fairies

    1. No such thing as Vampires or fairies. It’s just someone version of “what might be” so no worries. I’m sure you have a different type your used to hearing about. I think this Author just wanted a different kind of love story.

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