What’s Your Least Favorite Vampire Movie?

While scanning through old vampire movie titles I came across one I remember well, not because it was amazing, but because I hated it so much I never even bothered finishing it. However, this horrible film has stuck in my mind. Over ten years have passed since I watched The Addiction, and the hatred for it has lasted all this time.

The Addiction was released in 1995, yet for some reason it was in black and white. I saw it when I was around 13-years-old, which is a big reason why I hated it so much, because it is definitely NOT directed at younger audiences. It’s one of those dark, deep indie flicks that critics tend to love but average viewers hate, a film that a kid wouldn’t really understand. It tells the story of Kathleen, a New York anthropology grad student, who is turned into a vampire after getting bitten by one. She then tries to come to terms with her new lifestyle and her craving for human blood. One thing I remember most is that while the movie is packed full of vampires, it’s less about vampires and more about choices and morals. Blah.

If I watched this movie now, being an adult and all, would I like it? Hell to the no. I have very little interest in disturbing and pretentious indie flicks that bore more than they entertain. Not my cup of blood, which is why The Addiction continues to be my least favorite vampire film of all time.

Inspired by old memories of terrible movies, I’m here to ask you what your least favorite vampire movie is. After all, we talk about the great ones all the time, it’s only right to balance it out and share the bad ones.

So Dear Readers, what is your least favorite vampire movie and why?

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


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    1. I hated Dracula 2000 too. Cheesy and self-serious, never a good combination, and the final revelation about Dracula’s identity made Drake from Blade: Trinity seem like a masterstroke. Still, not as bad as Life Blood IMHO.

  3. I have not seen many cheap, exploitative direct-to-DVD vampire movies, so I’m sure there are far worse movies in the genre than Life Blood (AKA Pearblossom). But it’s still easily the worst vampire movie I’ve seen. And I’ve seen Vampire In Brooklyn.

    Spoilers ahoy:

    Life Blood started out promisingly, introducing an intriguing mythos in which vampires are divine servants whose mission is to punish the wicked. Two young women fleeing a justifiable homicide on New Years 1969 are given the gift of vampirism by God (also a young woman, another cool idea) and put in suspended animation for 30 years. (Why three decades? Why do that at all?)

    When they wake up the movie goes straight to hell. A boring standoff at a gas station (inexplicably called Murderworld – is that a White Zombie reference?) goes on and on until it’s time for the movie to mercifully end. The protagonist is out of commission for most of the second act. And at some point we discover that a key part of the first act was a lie told by one of the characters. Cleverly twisty? No, stupid and pointless, like many other things about the movie.

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  5. I have tried to avoid really bad so my list does not feature torture porn crap… I hated Blade (cooler-than-thou trash and why fattie-haters have also potty fetish?), From dusk till dawn (more sadistic garbage from Quentino´s sewer-like mind, typically projected to mentally ill in the way which should make NAMI less than happy – I never get to the vampire part!), and then Lost souls (more sadistic garbage, and irritating male vampire whose nose I wanted to pull),

    1. I’m not sure but I hate Horrorlicious that has several parts to the movie and has three disc to the movie! It was lousy and pointless.

  6. while all the twilights put me to sleep, the vamp movie that i truly hated was vampire in vegas, it shouldn’t even be considered a b movie, i did watch it to the finish (something i wished i hadn’t), i started it thinking it was just a b movie so decided to give it a chance, than the sex scene comes and i thought it was soft porn, so i thought ok a plus… but that was it 1 sex scene, terrbile acting, the worst fx i’ve ever scene and the story was such bull that i was so happy to see the movie end

  7. Ok I have a favorite eventhough the topic was least favorite and my favorite is Interview with the vampire. Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt bad boys with sexy long hair! uuum! uh! oooo la la la Super hot and sexxxy!

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