Where Will Vampire Fiction Be in the Future?

Well, for one thing, pretty weird. Vampires do two things in fiction: they reflect what humans were years before, and they reflect what humans are doing to the world at present. So perhaps, vampires of the future, say, in around two hundred or more years, will probably reflect on society today; the styles, the politics, etc., since vampires are usually creatures of antiquity. This is of course, assuming that humans have not yet obliterated each other with wars, or gone extinct because of all the other various threats to our existence, namely, greed, poverty, and good old fashioned human bloodlust.

willem-dafoe-vampireScientists estimate that humans of the future will be able to lead much longer lives, living anywhere from one hundred, to two hundred years before death. How would this affect vampires? Others say that are bodies will become as polluted as the air we breathe, as humans continue to destroy the planet, making our own blood toxic to vampires. Either world would make it harder for vampires to survive. Vampires are also symbols of forbidden desires; immortality, endless youth, and of course, sex, debasement, debauchery, and all our nasty fantasies. With humanity’s gradually increasing cleverness in the pornography industry, sex and sexual fantasies are becoming much less taboo and much more easy to live out. The vampire’s symbolism as a sexual taboo will erode.

Could vampires be forgotten all together? They’ve survived thousands of years, before the Christian church and before the rise of the Roman Empire. I’m sure if vampires can survive the church’s demonization, than they can survive the evolving human race. Some predict that vampires will again become deities, as the claws of Christianity and Catholicism loosen from the human brain. Our minds will either be opened more than ever, or closed forever, and we’ll seek new religions, as we are now, only much more fervently. Will worshipping vampires, or a vampire like creature become common? Well, if you look at things a certain way, they already have. The Temple of the Vampire is already an established religion, and has been since the late 80’s.

This writer suspects that vampires will evolve with us. So if humans are a starved, dying race, huddled in a post-apocalyptic landscape, vampire will be among the various things that terrify us. If future humans are rich, sleek, and satisfied creatures that can live up to two hundred years, vampires will be just as bloodthirsty and predatory, –they’ll have become more evil, and less merciful, just as we have. Isn’t that what human evolution is? Learning to overcome evil by accepting it, and turning it into common sins? Later, small, trivial crimes? In one era, stealing was a hanging offence, no matter what you stole from where. Today, shoplifting is punishable by a call home to one’s parents. As humans change, so do our monsters. If the future is just an emboldened version of the present, a more intense tomorrow, then the vampires of the future will have become creatures so horrible, that to imagine them on the page, or see them on the screen, would cause immediate death by terror.

By annimi

Ashley writes for Vampires.com, Werewolves.com, and other sites in the Darksites Network. She's involved in several seedy and disreputable activities, smokes too much, and spends her late nights procrastinating for work on her first novel.


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  4. In the stories I have been working on, a sci fi theme is starting to weave it’s way into the stories. Reading articles on transhumanism really influenced what is going into my vampire stories.
    Vampires are always supposed to be stronger, faster, meaner, etc. than us poor humans. But if humans can make themselves stronger, faster, etc. What are the vampires supposed to do?

    That is the thought that has driven my writing, maybe other authors as well.

  5. I think the vampires will become even more dangerous and a little more known (as in, not hidden as well). If we (the poor mortals make up most of the worlds population) change over the years, of course vampires will too. In my book, the herione vampire can control time. In one part, she gets so concered about her race that she speeds up time to the future (and you have no idea about what happens there). I hope vampires will survive until the future but i also hope they don’t get more powerful and merciless along the way.

  6. Well on the topic: I think vampires could become extinct since modern technologies make it all the more easier to spot and destroy them. Or it will all go True Blood.

    Of topic:
    What sort of vampires where ever worshipped as gods?

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