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Who needs nukes? We got bat bombs!

World War II’s lesser-known weapons were ingenious, indeed

There have been crazier ideas. After the attack on Pearl Harbor that plunged America into World War Two, Lytle Adams, a dentist, devised a plan to rain chaos on those sneaky Japanese. Bat bombs! Elegant in its simplicity, the plan involved strapping little bombs to bats, and then releasing the flying rodents over a Japanese city. The bombs would have timers, and after the bats had settled somewhere, hopefully under the eaves of buildings, the bombs would detonate. A conflagration of biblical proportions would ensue. For the plan to be successful it would have required LOTS of bats, drafted into the service of their country for a suicide mission. Kamikaze bats!

Supposedly Dr. Adams was friends with Eleanor Roosevelt, and she saw to it that Adams’ bat plan made it onto the desk of her husband, President Franklin Roosevelt. And supposedly FDR found the idea intriguing; crazy, but maybe crazy enough to work. However, a group of scientists in the deserts of the southwest were already busy with a little project called the H-bomb, and the bats got put on the backburner. I’m glad. The idea of blowing up a bunch of innocent bats strikes me as wrong. Blowing up people, on the other hand, that’s kind of a given where war is concerned.



TheCheezman • September 5, 2015

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