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Who’s To Blame For The Sucking Of SLENDER MAN?

Upon seeing what a lousy product the SLENDER MAN movie ended up being, I made the, I think, safe assumption that this was the reason for the studio’s reported lack of enthusiasm for the film. They knew they had a dead turkey on their hands and weren’t in any hurry to show it to the world. There is, however, another possibility, one explored by the folks over at Bloody Disgusting. Is it possible that the studio IS to blame, after all, for gelding the movie?

The theory states that Screen Gems, and its parent company, Sony, got scared after they heard rumblings of bad publicity. The father of one the would-be murderers of that preteen girl (with the assailant being a preteen girl herself) threatened a lawsuit, and some of the theaters in that area refused to show the film. The result of this skittishness on the part of the suits in the offices was that SLENDER MAN went under the knife. It was edited to the point that it was no longer recognizable as the same movie. Might it, had all that excised material been left in place, been a decent film? We’ll only know if—and that’s a big if—Sony decides to include it for the DVD release. Only then will we know who truly must bear the blame for screwing up this movie. If it turns out it WAS the studio, shame on them for their cowardice.

TheCheezman • August 29, 2018

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