Why Do We Love Vampires?

vampirekissVampires are increasingly popular these days and it makes one wonder, why? What is it about vampires that we all love so much? Obviously everyone is different and everyone has their own reasons for liking something. The love for vampires isn’t the same, there isn’t one straight forward answer for why they are so popular, there are many and who better to tackle this subject than some of the authors we love and admire.

According to legendary vampire author Anne Rice, a reason we find vampires so appealing is that they cause us to wonder what we would do if we were turned into a vampire. Would we be willing to drink human blood to be immortal, could we handle living forever? Anne Rice does raise a good point. Vampire stories do tend to make one think (and daydream) about being a vampire like the ones we read about. What would we be like, what would be different?

Then there is the awesome paranormal romance author Sherrilyn Kenyon, who when asked a similar question concerning vampires answered…

“What’s not to love? Sleep all day. Party all night. Forever young. Seriously though, death is the one predator we all fall to eventually and it’s one most of us wish we could defeat. Vampire fiction allows us to finally defeat it and to become the baddest of the predators. I think it’s an intrinsic fantasy most people share.”

Another draw to vampirism for sure. All of us are afraid of death whether we want to admit it or not. Vampires have eternity, they have the freedom to take their time and they have the time to do anything. To quote the musician Anna Nalick, “…life’s like an hourglass glued to the table.” That is exactly what it is for us mortals, but vampires don’t share the same fate. They have time, a lot of it,  making vampirism even more appealing.

Then we have the sex appeal. That is a huge draw for many of us, many of us thinking that there is no other being sexier than a vampire. But why is that, why do we find these walking corpses so damned sexy? And once again Sherrilyn Kenyon has an excellent answer…

“… goes all the way back to Bram Stoker. Why did Mina fall for Dracula when she had the mortal Jonathan Harker? I think as humans we are compelled by the darkness that lurks inside of all of us. Because we are civilized, we want to pretend we aren’t as animalistic as our genetic codes dictate. But we really are animals and paranormal creatures aren’t bound by the same laws of humanity that we are. They allow us to explore that darkness in a safe and controlled environment.”

Exactly. It’s that darkness and mystery that draws us in. And on the subject of sex, its knowing that it will no doubt be the best you have ever had, seeing as your vampire lover has had centuries of practice, as authors Laurell K. Hamilton and Charlaine Harris have both said.

So we have the intrigue, the wonder, mystery, sex appeal, immortality, beauty and so much more. All sucking us in (pun totally intended) and causing us to fall in love with these creatures of the night over and over again.

But I only scratched the surface, as I said above everyone had their reasons. What are yours?

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


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  2. Vampires are AWESOME! I would love being a vampire too. think of all the fun adventures you can have. The other creatures of darkness or such youu will discover. secret lands. new friends (including your old ones if they let you bite them into one also.) Something about vampires clicks into everyone in a good way. but really what is there not to like ?

  3. Good point VampyreFerrahJingle, there is at least one thing everyone can like about vampires. I think that is another reason they are so popular, that so many different kinds of people can like one thing for an assortment of reasons. :)

  4. vampires are a form of pure butey their fantasic nature is often exagerated by authors only one who has known them for their whole life can truly understand their dangerous ways. their misunderstond minds are truly a thing of complextion. my 13 year old mind is highly advanced on this sort of thing. i truly understand their coplex ways as i have in a past life.

    1. Their complex minds can be hard to get through but it’s like an onion: peel it back one layer at a time (or you can cheat and use a knife *wink*). A vampire’s life can be hard but can also be awesome. You’re pretty smart for a 13-year-old.

  5. I love vamps because lets be honest their more charming than humans cuz theyve had centeries to learn guys now days are complete jerks

  6. jodi are u showing off ur knowing of big words? bcause Im like the same age and i dont know wht you said…Wait! now i do..ah okay. What gave u the guts to tell ur age on a public website? Now people know ur first name and age. Cant Someone track u down with that info?

  7. I love the seduction by vampires. They possess a mystery and darkness that lures you in. The thought of finding a vampire that is strong, sexy, mysterious, dark, and romantic is WoW inspiring!!

  8. I think they represent the beauty and seductiveness of death. They give us the opportunity to daydream about immortality for a minute and then come to appreciate the fact that we have relief at the end. Life has no meaning if it goes on forever – this is why they are almost always represented as miserable. Then when they bring death, most of their victims are so drawn in they don’t seem to mind.

  9. mere mortals how simple you like just because of our charm how peaceful you try to make us sound on in a fairy tale I suppose muah!!!

    1. Wow, freaky…… I don’t like you just because of the charm, but also because of the mystery, power, and freedom.

      1. ah! For I have returned my dear friends ah yes many of you say you are not trying to get them of course your not you are all still all much to young to be capable of hurting us just there are those who would and for that all shall remain hidden regardless of how bad you want to meet one we in time shall find our way to you but until that time one should live there life as a kid until they fully understand the knowledge of being a vampire just remember all are capable of dying even if us vampires are so called the dead we are not and still capable of death for that reason all must be hidden and kept a secret take care and learn much for i shall return

        1. For one who has had centuries of practice, I must say that your grammar and spelling is horrendous. Surely one of the Undead would not waste their time forgetting all the lessons they have learned.

          1. ha ha why would one practice grammer that doesn’t matter at all one doesn’t care about such things that mere mortals created all these rules just another way to have control over many but then again this is typing not me writing a whole another story on computer technology sucks and one dislikes it

  10. I find them fascinating, to me they are mysterious, dark, sexy, strong, powerful, and above all dangerous. Yet I believe they are much like us mere mortals, they crave love and companionship, they experience sorrow, lose and pain etc, and they too are afraid of death. So although we may be different, to me mortals and immortals are very similar creatures.

    1. well well one likes to run into danger for a 11 year old should not be on this sight for she can not be prepared enough for the understanding of a vampire takes much milady for our ages are far apart for in time all will understand and one will not speak to someone far to young my apologize if i sound mean milady for this is the way it must be and for a vampire to get married is highly unlikely for one will have many for the scent of every girl is different and the older the better its like wine with age everything taste better for one must not discuss anymore for now I shall let your mind think for you are still a mere child for I wish you well milady

      1. I must say, you know alot about these type of things. More then us mortals should. The way you talk is a mystery. AND WHAT IF SOME OF US LIKE TO RUN RIGHT INTO DANGER?!?!?!?! I like danger. It makes my life actualy fun. So i take any challenge you throw at me, vampire. I’m ready!

      2. Are you the vampire you pretend to be, or simply a poor and tortured soul that has been drawn into the Satanism of the glorified damned? A vampire does not speak freely and of their own confidence to mere mortals. They take what they need for survival, and only as much, whilst hiding in the midst of the unsuspecting prey. You should remember that the blood is the life, and only the mortals are truly living.

        1. maybe it you who pretends milady for one already know they take what they need for survival but one wasn’t around when I discussed such things but one has nothing to prove you may question my grammer but don’t insult thee do you have a myspace

  11. wrong a vampire is not afraid of death since he is already dead for there is no emotion to fear so be prepared for you will be scared they see what they have lost but feel no sorrow for they accept things for what it is and lets it be for no emotions will conquer thee for in time you shall see

    1. What would happen if I would like to feel empathetic towards a vampire? What would happen to me? Probly nothing so I’m not scared about seeing what a vampire has lost. I want a vampire to see that we are not all trying to get them……

  12. well,well i am 11 years old and its not just the sexynes, or enything above, of courese it has all of that but….vampaires have this so awsome way of life some dont want to be bad but we got to admitt the danger they put us in with just theire exisanse is really at hetractive like if the boy i like goes up to me and tells me that he is a vamp and he proves it i will tottaly mary him that second, and well i have always said that i will not ever mery but think about it the danger the sexines the power to destroy anything even by an accident the charm the everything it is awsome belive me i love vampaires so if you are a vamp put up your cell # and i will call you

    1. I’ve loved vampires before I could even say the word vampires! I luved vampires since I was one years old and up to today I still love them ……… I want to be one of them!!!!!!!!1

    2. I agree with you there! I am 12 (just one year, no difference) and i think, out of the many vampires i may have met, only 1 has told me. Heck, maybe at dance class i have danced with three!!! It’s true, it’s not the sexiness but the excitement, thrill, mystery, and freedom that we love about them.

  13. I just want 2 state that vampires are the most interesting things that i have come across since the paranormal. I would love to be a vampire because there are so many things that i would like to expirence. Plus, being a mortal have to many downsides. I have loved vampires since i actualy met one. I have tryed to write books about them (fiction of course). I agree with alexis that blood running down my face would be the good life. I admit that i believe that vampires (and lycans) exists and live hidden in the many crowds of people on the world and that one fifth of the violence is a vampire just living its life. Not all are bad and I’m glad about that! Remember, VAMPIRES FOR THE WIN!!!!!!

    1. You should remember, young one, that there is much that the living take for granted, as there is much hidden under the surface that humans never understand. One such is the hunger, the never-ending thirst that a vampire experiences and suppresses. Humans never know for certain what being a vampire will be like, only the beauty and strength that is glorified by today’s story-writers. Remember my young friend, the blood is the life. A vampire must take others to live, while the living have their endless supply.

      1. yes the blood may be the life but their is more then a simple blood drinking fiend one doesn’t need to drink the blood to survive their are also one that can drain people of their energy and they have been around just as long as the sanguine vampires

  14. I love Gothic trappings: castles, graveyards, gorgeous period dresses, and the blood – not the blood itself, but what it represents in classic vampire stories = life, rejuvenation. Gothic classics FTW!

    1. Ahhh…. the Gothic time period. So full of beautiful and majestic architecture. One such as yourself should indulge yourself in the many pleasures of the living, and hold fast to your interest in my exquisite Goth culture. Remember, the blood is the life.

  15. I beleive that many people just want to be vampires today because they are the main focus of todays young minds, but you must ask yourselves: Do I really want immortal life? Do I want to hide in the shadows and bask in the darkness? Do I want to have to deal with the thirst and take the life essence of others to survive? These are only a few of the questions you must ask yourself, but I can not tell you everything. You are the one who must decide, but remember one thing: If you want to be a vampire are you willing to live with that decision for the rest of your life? Because once you are a vampire you can not go back, true death will be your only option. And you must live with that, and you must also know that once you are a vampire eventually all your friends and family will die (unless you are allowed to turn them) and you will never see them again. So before you rush into wanting to be a vampire you must think very hard and seek the answer inside of yourself. Never let anyone make that decision for you, it is your choice and your right to take control of your life.

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  19. .. Vampires are the best. We rock.

    Yes, I said “we”. I had my awakening last night.. So I’m a newborn vampire.

    But only one problem! I’m only 13, depressed- and I can’t leave the house! I am NOT taking blood from my cats, or family members.. It said online you get blood for donors, or animals only.. If not, then you’re a rogue. ANd I am NOT a rogue. So now what?!

    I need some help here! Or visit the vampire place..


  20. AM COLLAGE STUDENT I LIK VAMPIRE BT I DONT LOVE VAMPIRE . life is full of tension n death is da only solution so guys choose good life with full of light

    1. I don’t see what being a college student has to do with anything death is not tension you can not have light without dark for what is light if it wasn’t for darkness as well if it was reverse death and life is all in one can’t have one without the other all you can do is accept it.

  21. Vampires have power and no boring responsibility. They don’t worry about taxes, stand in lines or have to be concerned about what other people think. The greater society doesn’t affect them. They have the power to kill without (ie going to jail) being held responsible for it. Nobody messes with them.

  22. I find vampires to be very exciting, sexy, and interesting. I love everything to do with vampires and everything about them.I would give up anything to become like them. To be free and have no worry in the world. And just imagine the endless adventures you could have, it would be so amazing.

  23. ha ha ha ha co co
    1. how do you no that vampires exist in are world?
    2. why do you whot to be a vampire? name 2 risons why
    3. you wont survive the chage (W)

  24. there are lot’s of people out there and i think why people love vampire is because
    they have sexual desires about vampires that it turn them on big time there’s something
    hot and sexy about a person being a vampire so a person can be sexual desire to vampires and don’t even why there sexual attracted to vampire a women my say she not sexual attracted to vampire but if she meet a real vampire she my become sexual attracted to him i think some people would love to have sex with a vampire and some people would like to have a girl friend or a boy friend who’s a vampire some my not want to be with any one else that person a vampire some people would like to go out on a date with a vampire werewolf zombie or some time of demon or some time of scare ghoul because ghoul are cool..

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