Why Do You Want to be a Vampire?

Here at Vampires.com we have a lot, and I mean A LOT, of people leaving comments begging someone to turn them into a vampire. It’s an everyday thing and honestly, I usually just ignore these hundreds of requests. But while reading the latest ones it started to get me thinking – why? Why do you want to be a vampire? Why do you want it so badly that you’d beg every single day for someone to turn you?

Don’t get me wrong, I love vampires too, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. I mean, I guarantee my vampire book collection would rival anyone else’s. So yes, I see the appeal, I understand the fascination for these undead creatures of the night. But if you sit down, and genuinely put some thought into it, can you tell me why being a vampire would be so fantastic? Because after serious consideration, I just don’t see it.

So to get a better understanding, I went back through and read the comments left by readers who want to be a vampire and one thing that I read over and over again is, “I’m not happy as a human, I want to be a vampire!” Ok, please tell me how being a vampire will suddenly make you happy? Have you ever heard of a happy vampire? In all the books, shows and movie you watch, how often are the vampires happy? 9 times out of 10 they are all dark and brooding, drowning in self-pity and barely functioning. Lestat, Angel, Edward, Damon… and on and on, they’re all miserable and hate what they are. All of them crave their humanity; they miss it and hate the monster they have become. So where are you guys getting the idea that being a vampire will make you happier?

The second comment that was repeated many times was, “Please turn me! Being human is boring!” Uh, becoming an immortal will change that how? It reminds me of a quote by Susan Ertz: “Millions long for immortality who do not know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.” If you’re bored with the short time you have as a mortal, how will eternity fix that? Yeah, it doesn’t make sense, does it?

Now, I am not completely oblivious, I can see where being a vampire would kickass. You’ve got power, lots of power, and who doesn’t want that? You also have a certain freedom that humans don’t have. But really, when you think about it, the negatives greatly outweigh the positives.

Before I end this I have one more question for the wannabe vamps – what breed of vampire do you think you will turn into? Will you be like the vampires in Twilight, like the vampires in Anne Rice’s novels, the vampires of True Blood, the vamps in The Vampire Diaries? If vampires are in fact real, how do you know that they are like the pretty and powerful vamps in your favorite books and shows? You don’t know.  Do you want to turn into a vampire like the one pictured above? Because they could very well be disgusting monsters and not the beautiful immortals created in the imaginations of writers. Keep that in mind.

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


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    1. Its spring a chance of new beggings and life ring?? wrong not everyone gets that luxury, you have probarly heard lots of people saying “ohhh my life sucks so i want to be turned” no pun intended on the sucks bit, but you no what its people like the person that made this website and say that they are vampires and blah blah blah that make it even worse because you get peoples hopes up and make them think that they have any chance of being turned and they wait and wait but guess what it never happens because you are a lier; dosent it just eat a way at you that you are eating away at peoples lives? what do you think happens after they have waited for so long and there life is getting worse and worse and they finaly realise that no one is coming to help them and there life that they could of stoppped getting so bad where they can no longer do anything to stop it getting worse because you made up a lie and made them wait and hope that they had a chance at a new start well guess what they kill them selves. its not so funny now is it making people belive in you, making people belive in a lie, making me belive in a lie. The reason i wanted to be turned was for a new beginning.

    1. I think u have to look at both sides bc there r plenty of human monsters. I think vamps r awsome but it would have to b thought through is what your giving up a much as what your getting? Brandy

  2. man moonlight is right i got friends wanting to be a vampire but who knows if they are out there. Vampires are my favorite but i don’t want to be a monster like that. how many dumb people out there that what to become this?;]

    1. That’s true because i am already one and I have the touch of death people complain of how cold my skin is so I just tell them i’m anemic….. When I go out I don’t have to worry about wearing a coat and my mom yells at me about it but hey I’m immortal…

  3. well…people want to become vampires to experience something /more/. they want their adversaries to bow to them in fear. to do anything. be anyone. as a vampire novelist, i look for why someone is searching for what they want. for example, say you were a vampire looking for a way out of immortality.not only a vampire, but a vampire leader, who was also a magician in life. but, how far would they go to get what they want? would they give up their lives? in my books, when a vampire becomes human, they age however many years they were a vampire. so would a vampire be willing to test death to become human? switch this around, and you know why humans would like to be a vampire. they would give everything to become something /more/. just think about that.

  4. being a vampire would be cool. and being that strange thing above is far from what i imagined. and its far from what i am. i love being the strange outcast me and all the people i hang with dont have a problem with it. what if i were to just change. what would happen to them? would they be happier or would they miss me. think about it. would u want to give up everything you love and watch all of the people u ever cared about shrivle up and die one by one. give it some thought…with all of my heart i like being me. and i dont want to change that…do you?

  5. Sure, I would like to know exactly what true vampires are before asking to become one! But as long as they’re not decomposing zombies nor stinking brainless monsters, I can still think of at least two reasons why I would probably not say no if presented with an opportunity to join the club…
    First: time. I really enjoy sitting all day long with a book, lost in my thoughts. But in real life, it truly means I work 7 days a week to get my literature PhD – finding money for the food and rent, writing papers for conferences, working part time at the University, etc. I would love to have a chance to get bored on a Sunday afternoon once in a while. Second: time (again). Life is fun, I’ve enjoyed the run so far, but it’s starting to look like I won’t die of old age. I have health problems (genetic dysfunction, decreasing quality of life, blah blah blah) which are getting harder and harder to ignore. Bottom line: I have great friends, a loving family and a nice academic network, but I would rather loose them than loose it all.
    I’m a fairly rational person. I know that vampires probably don’t exist and that I will never have my chance at immortality. But deep inside, it’s nice to keep on dreaming… Otherwise, the whole mortality/lack of time thing really makes no sense – and that’s annoying, to say the least.
    (Also, I’m French Canadian, so sorry for the silly grammar…)

  6. Yes, I see all over the internet people asking to be turned into a vampire. Part of me thinks it would be nice to be a vampire. The upside is giving up human responsibilities. I acept I will never get to experience everything in human life and being a vampire would be a new experience. However, you rightly point out that there are cons too which outweigh the pros. And thank you for pointing out people asking on the internet to be turned may be asking to be turned into a blood thirsty beast. The demon image of vampires in rarely used in books, tv, and movies (30 Days and Nights being one exception to that rule). Hopefuly if vampires exist they are more traditional and not like the current twilght ones, or beastly animal ones. I am hopeing they are like the vampires such as Eli, Abby, ect.

  7. Moonlight,

    Okay I do have all right life, I had awesome life, but now I have to work 60 Hrs a week just to pay bills but yeah i should be happy I am alive and kicking, but doesn`t matter if you Human or Vampire, pain and joy will always fill your heart if it beats or not.
    Yes you do have a point, but what ever you turn out to be either vampire such as Edward , Lestat or True Blood Characters, wouldn`t you or anyone here wanted the power to change world for better?be a hero? Feed of criminals, pedophiles,murderers ,gangs ass@$#%s etcetra who are killing/harming innocent for their own joy? who would not wanted to be the dream vampire who can travel around the world, visit every centimeter of our wonderful planet without fear of being kidnapped, murdered, raped, lied etc….., Who would not wanted to have the time to read billions of brilliant books, break the rules of physics???

    1. You didn’t get the meaning of the bottom paragraph, you may not have that power to be a hero or any of that. Theses powerful vamps with amazing abilities come from fiction, they come from the minds of writers. If you are turned into a vampire, what makes you think you’d be like them? That doesn’t make sense at all. The vampires in history and folklore are mindless bloodthirsty monsters, not articulate and gorgeous like the vamps on TV.

        1. Sigh. No, Vlad wasn’t a vampire at all, he was a war hero. Bram Stoker simply used him name for his book. You can read the truth about that here.

          I’m talking about actual vampire folklore here, NOT stories written by authors. Every country has their own unique vampire myths that date back hundreds and even thousands of years ago.
          Take this vampire for example, it comes from Malaysian lore. Would you want to be this vampire? No.
          Or do you want to be like this vampire from Brazil?
          Or hey, what if you turn into this type of vampire.

          I can go on and on. The point it that there are loads of vampire myths from all around the world, myths that people once believed in. Who says you won’t turn into one of those?

  8. Well,I want to be a vampire because i really want to be a part of the supernatural world.I mean really deep!!

  9. It’s simple really-I don’t think they exist, but hypothetically speaking-people will do/give up almost anything to avoid death. Who isn’t scared of dying? Even if you think you aren’t, you are. Who wouldn’t like the get out of jail free card on that one? I know I would. We spend millions if not billions each year on research and science to prolong lives and delay death-why? Because it’s the one thing that’s inevitable, and the one thing no one wants to do. Being a vampire means not having to die, getting to live eternally, see the world as it progresses, laze around, considering infinity and beyond. Truth is, life’s hard whichever way you look at it, but most people still want to keep on living it, even if, they are technically dead.

    I do agree that no one would know what exactly they would turn into, if they would even be a semblance of their former, human selves, or if they would be monsters quite literally. Most writers only focus on the sexy, alluring aspects rather than the scary possibilities. Of course, it’s not just the looks that could be scary but what if you remained the same lookwise (or were even prettier) but completely lost all sense of what it means to be human? Scary.

    Would I like to be turned? Yes, but only if I knew what I was being turned into. All hypothetically speaking of course ;-)

    1. I want to be a vampire……………


      because they are fast,immortal,they have strong sense in smelling,also strong,and cool………………………………………..

      the life of a vampire is cool………………………………..

  10. Personally, I’m perfectly happy with being mortal. However, if I were to become one, I’d prefer to be a creature with super strength and speed, fangs, power over the elements, and the ability to read and/or manipulate the minds of mortals. Further more, I’d prefer to be a phsycic vampire (that is, one who feeds off of the souls of humans, rather than their blood), seeing as there’s less mess after your done feeding.

  11. The reason so badly so many of you wish to have something you can never have is simple…you want your life to be more than as it is, you want it to have some meaning or to live for ever and have fun as you call it……. Well let me give you all what you want so badly to hear…we are real… i know most will read this and think , oh my this post is fake or soemthing as this yes?…let me say this i dnt care i just wanted to shut you all up, so i had to tell a secert to do this oh well….belive what you want it don’t matter to me…

    1. i believe you ;i believe that s there is vampire and other wonderful creature .i want to live long to fulfil a lot of dreame and becaming a vampire is one of theme.i whant to descover that world full of mystery. i invite you to turne me

  12. man all u guys r babbling about is vampires, well this may be a vampire site. but guys werewolfs are much more awsome.

    i would rather be a werewolf than a vampire.
    to go through a painful tranformation every full moon, while u go around and kill everything in your way.

  13. There are the house of night twilight true blood thirst Dracula and tons more but people there is your imagination and dreams when you sleep that’s when you can be who you wanna be and Theres fanfiction.net to share what you think a vampire should be hey maybe a real vampire might show up at your door and bite you but really do you really wanna kill people and take their lives that they all have for a little while so you can live forever are you ready to pay that price for immortally. And I love vampires there were times I wanted to be one but then I rember my friends and family and how much I’d miss them think about that

  14. acctaly i m like evryone i whant to became a vampire in the begning it was just a stupide dream. but in the last month what happned to me was incredibele i travell to my grand ma house for the feast of sacrifice it s a feast where we sacrifice a ship .there evreything began whene im closer to blood i start loking to it with desir i thought that it s just because i see so much vampire film but my desire didin t stop so i try to hold it .i thought that i m losing my minde i hold that 3 days but i could n t hold it anymore i cut my finger i was afraid but i did it whene i drink it it was just a small drop .my head got dizzy so i lie down but nothing happned my hunger toward blood stop since that day but it returbe everytime i see it im so confused now about what i did i didn t told anyone about this .i want regret if i turne to a vampire since i was a kid i really hopped from my heart to became one of theme .i m looking for happiness like everyone being a human o a vampire that doesn t matter we all live in this world looking for happiness the only defference that human are immortal .what can make theme happy is the fulfilment of theire dream but they have a short time for that but if they a vampire it s on other story i have a lot of dream beigne human won t help me to make theme true i want to stay beautiful and young forever i wont regret being alone or being unable to see sun or people i love . so please someone told me what s going on with me .

  15. Well i do understand what moonlight has to say, but i want to be a vampire and i understand the change the down side of being a vampire but it seems to be way better then the life i live. To be caged to not live free and happy, see the world and never be on your last day. Do as you please with no regrets and the 10 life times to show you how the world will be.. To stand up and not let people push you around and take action and do things you could only wish of dreaming.. Vampire might be way different then we all think but if it gave me a chance to get out of this hell i call life i’m up for the change!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. honestly growing up wasnt easy so i used my imagination to escape i was everything from a vampire to a mermaid to a princess from a mythical realm only thing was you cannot become a mermaid but a vampire you could become its a possibility plus the powers are cool but most of all the never aging and the living for a long time i wont say forever no one is promised tommorow and this world will end one day weather scientifically or religiously however if were only going to be around for so long we might as well make the most of it that includes time and that what a vampire in many ways is time you can be around for 10000000s of years and not have to pay for it through physical aging mentaly thats your thing i mean the world hasnt ended yet

    also so many people say they dont wanna die well i aint afraid to die yeah i believe in god and all that but also like i said i mean if you could live and not have to pay for it through physical age then why not now i got nothing against old people i respect my elders however ive seen what happens and i have no desire to be one of them but it would be a shame to go to the next life without experiencing this one and well vampire is a solution

    now many people jump on the band wagon hey vampires are in right but i was there before the bandwagon was even built

    now i realize that being a vampire isnt going magically make everything ok or me be all peachy however in life there are things that you want like making the team or this or that if you do great if not oh well and then there are things that you WANT like you want it so badly it consumes your thoughts you feel like you cant breathe and you almost wish that they were never thought of just to be spared the pain

    also theres the whole family leaving life leaving listen i love my family dearly i do i would miss them terribly but believe me when i say if i could become a vampire (aka a vampire shows up at my door) id walk out of the house right now now im not saying that it would be entirely easy i would miss them especially my mom and sisters however at the end of the day its what i want and call me terrible but i know in my heart there is nothing i want more than this no matter how much i might love someone and i also know that eventually when you miss someone or something for whatever reason life will eventually go on it always does however when it comes to being a vampire if i can become one and dont take the oppurtunity ill regret it for the rest of my life

    also look im not going to say im into killing people and all that however there are ways to get blood without killing and in time you can learn how to control yourself

    look i dont know if there are real vampires and when i say real i aint talking don henrie i mean real vampires out there i would love to be one and i would be beyond grateful to anyone out there that could help now i realize that there a yahoots out there getting a chuckle and are crazy but hey its a possiblitly so at the end of the day i would be grateful

    anyway thats me pouring my heart out

  17. I want to be turned because I believe that the human excientence is to short and there is so much in this world to see. I dont have a great sense of value when it comes to family and friends. I like bein alone and havin company every once in a while. I believe a person should be disciplined and headstrong to be a vampire. I dont want to be changed because I am bored but because I believe the experiences of an immortal life would be fantastic. I want to see the turnin of the world and experience how it changes. So find me please, let me prove to you that I would be a valued vampire child.

    1. It’s not. Trust me. Human existence is short, yes, but consider this if you will; Humans have a set of instincts like all other animals, but unlike other animals, they also have a limited capacity for choice. One might argue that some animals can make decisions, but that isn’t the point. Humans need to eat, sleep, and breed. It’s in their nature, and in this modern age the contrast between an individual’s decisions and their instinctual compulsions has become very clear. Now imagine that your need to eat, the enjoyment you get from it, or your desire for sex and for companionship suddenly faded, superceded by a burning hunger, a craving eating you alive from the inside. Yes you live forever if you’re careful, but everything’s distant. Nothing’s difficult or rewarding except feeding. There are few who survive the first ten years. They rip themselves apart. They go mad. Those who do often sleep for great stretches of time, no longer interested in the world of men or too labored with the lives they’ve taken to continue. Not only is everything opaque, but you have to see it that way until the end of time. Being a vampire isn’t about strength or longevity or sparkling in the sun, being a vampire is about mental fortitude, and that’s why none of you are being chosen. We can see you wouldn’t last.

      1. I still want to be turned. I don’t know how to get chosen. Would you be willing to teach me. I would like to learn more about your experience of being a vampire, and yes l do think this life is short. I don’t believe what is portrayed in the movies about vampires l’m to practical for that. I have felt the pull to be a vampire most of my life. I don’t know how to explain it. If l get the chance to become one of your family, l would like to have it. If not then l go the way of every human death. I agree with what you are saying , but l also believe that there are some of us meant to be chosen. So we study and search for more details of what we feel we were meant to become.

        1. I have wanted the felt the pull most of my life as well
          I would be nice and always listen if I became the family too…id never fight or be mean I just really want this really bad

          1. I know I have not yet found a way to become a Vampire. I hoped that by being on here I would find someone to turn me as the lingo goes.
            I have read that you need to be chosen. I don’t want to fight eather but I would. I am a black belt and had a good time training. Im to sick now to train anymore so I miss it. I have tried some spells but I must not be doing them right. I hope you find someome to help you.

          2. I heard there was a way to summon a vampire? Many have tried it and succeeded but I haven’t….pet me know if it works….I do believe it’s called… “Ode to a Vampire Mother”

        2. I also felt the pull. Ever since I was a child, I have always wondered where they came from. I want to know if they are real and just pretending to be one of us. I have always wondered how hard they struggle everyday in order to control their thirst. I have always felt the pull ever since I was a kid until now. I don’t know for what exact reason but, I wanted to somehow experience what they are going through right now. And not because ‘I just want to become a vampire for some stupid reason because I wanna be immortal’, I just don’t know what the real reason is but the desire is really strong. I know that it’s hard living like that but I can’t explain why I want to be one. If I get the chance of being chosen, I wouldn’t back out. This is what I’ve been searching for.

          1. I feel the same way you do. Yes l believe they are real. I believe they are a race of beings far above our own. I also believe that it would be a great privilege to be able to be one of them.

    2. I don;t think that you’ve thought through the whole logic of immortality. As Armand points out in Anne Rice’s “Interview With The Vampire”, most vampires have the most limited concept of what living forever means in practice- they seem to think things will stay the same as they were during life.
      Imagine not just outliving your parents or siblings but even your most distant descendants and seeing the socio-political changes( in my mother’s lifetime she saw not just the Great Depression- she was born in 1925- but WWII, the Cold War, the NI”Troubles”- but the election of America’s first black President. I myself have seen Betamax being eclipsed by VHS and in turn supplanted by DVD and Blu Ray, analogue replaced by digital, and flatscreen for something else
      Surely the greatest challenge is to live each day as though it is or will be our very last(because one day it most assuredly WILL be) no matter how long or short our lifespan will be???

  18. ive read his artile and hes right you have to have a point I don’t but I have a reason sorrta ive always wanted to be a vampire all my life but now more than ever I love vampires I wonder what its like being one and why I want it so bad im having second thoughts but I still want it ive lived hard things brother sister mom no dad and I just want to be different more than I already am I want to stand out I want my hearing to increase my smell taste I don’t mind the pain nor what I might look like I just want to be come one of them

  19. Guys i want to be a vampire i want it so bad i lobe the way they live i want to drink blood i want it al i love to be one i want to live with them if there is a real vampire here please contact me i want to be one i will do everything for it i live in the netherlands and i want to be a vampire please help me and i will help others who wants to be a vampire i will turn them but if they want that they need to know what they are going to be because i read everything i read like 15 books and spend a half year searching for what i can be and i want it pleas any vampire i will do everything to be one

        1. and…??????????????????????????????????????
          so who cares if it called a higher form of consumption!! it is still cannibalism!!!! higher form of consumption= cannibalism your point is..? i mean its still cannibalism being called that isnt going to change anything

          1. Sigh, human, psychic vampires are born not made, we can be of the elements and nature without concern of the human world, it actually vanishes completely, and has slight human reminders here and there, your being religious about gluttony and vampires are not out of control, however the subject of obesity is far more a human issue than a vampire one, we have powers and can see note than humans, its not an argument.

          2. You don’t understand the balance. Hektate is the goddess of wiccans and vampires, the two trees have many branches, with different kinds of vampires and different kinds of witches, we are all one people, you can tell when a human is around and when it is not, there is a great difference, clear, and magic, if feeding on energy, blood, doing magic or those things brother you, it’s clear your human. With that said, relating to human oppression and the sword that’s been held for two thousand years against the realm of magic, make your standing as you are and find it, the people will no longer let the world be treated as it has.

          3. my god this is cheesier then an anime community
            im human as i say as a human: i believe that vampires or humans (or anything that looks like a human i don’t care) if it eats another human and i or anyone else its going to look like cannibalism either way. i don’t understand why you mentioned psychic vampire…. if your not going to become one. oh wait i shouldn’t assume your race especially if you call me human! let me guess your a hard-core vampire knowledge person. of course your not human!
            “your being religious about gluttony and vampires are not out of control,”
            i lost it after that (meaning i didnt understand this or anything afterwards.)

            balance of what! even anime isn’t this confusing. mentioning stuff that i dont understand how it connects to the point that i don’t care for the fact that you call it whatever and i call it cannablism. cmon there must be a way where you can connect things so i can’t be so confused in what the hell your talking about.

          4. Hi , l’m very interested in learning about vampires. My email address is eotech240@gmail.com. l would feel honored if you would be willing to share your knowledge with me. I would give anything to become a member of the vampire family.

    1. Im called a psychic vampire and can change you , you can Feed off of blood or energy from nature

  20. Kayleigh m i want what u said i want everything what a vampire is i want to see the world chance i want to see the people that i love grown old i want to protect them en the one that i want to protect most is the vampire that would chance me so pleas anybody chance me and i will be yours all my life i would do anything for you if u chance me so please do it i want to be one of the vampires i want to be a part of that i want to do everything that i would love too so pleas contact me find me and chance me and i would go with u or what u want i want to be a vampire

    1. You realize vampires can’t travel, as they have to sleep on the Earth of their homeland, right?
      Or how about the fact half the things in the world can now kill you?

  21. I want to be a vampire cause when I has little that is all I saw in my dreams is me as a vampire I want to fly I want to run really fast and have red eyes I have did vampire spells just I haven’t type on one of the websites but this one sounds cool I am 14 now and I have alwayed wanted to be a vampire but I want to hunt only people that are bad and bullies but I don’t want to hurt my family I want to stay in the house at all times but I will have to walk in the sun to go to school I love vampires I have 7 friends who are but they say they won’t bite me cause I’m not there enemy

  22. I don’t like the spells with the devils name in it I love the lord and him and my freids and family I won’t hurt them even if some one told me to and I want to protect people that get hurt by other people and I want to be strong to do that I get my fillings hurt at school they call me fat but I’m not fat at all but I have big thigh’s that is why they saythat I am mixed with Mexican,black,and white I don’t care what people say its my choice not there’s

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  24. I dont have a great sense of value when it comes to family and friends i like bein alone and havin comany every once in while belive aporson should be discplined and i am request you turned me

  25. i’m mark ruga from the united state,i was been transformed to a
    vampire through the help of a vampire spell caster, it was just as
    easy as possible, at first i was thinking it going to take a while for
    my ( D.N.A.) to respond to the spell, all i did was just to follow
    the procedure that i was been told, and i bet you that procedure i
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    1. But then your boyfriend will die without you. And what if you break up after you turn. What then?

      1. I know what you are sayng. I have no one still living that I’m really close to in my family. I”M also not a child. I know that being a vampire wont be easy. My life has never been easy in fact. I have watched people I care for die everyone has. I have my reasons for wanting to be a vampire. I don’t belive you have to sell anything to Satin to become a vampire. I belive they are a race of beings, humans higher form perhaps? Some say that a Vampire comes connected to the person they turn responsable for them. I’m willng to do that. I still want to be a vampie.

      2. Ahwww reminds me of the story of Selene becoming immortalized because she was dying in front of her love in the temple of Artemis. Look it up

        1. Hi, l love the story of Selene. It’s a beautiful love story. I also love Evanescence. I have asked for some one to change me but have relize that probably won’t happen. I was contacted by a person claming to be able to change me then only after tell me l was to old to be considered by the Vampire community to be changed. I feel he had a other agenda in mind. I have had a few rough nights ever since. I’m glad you are speaking out. I enjoyed reading your post. Be careful. I still want to be a immortal vampire.

  26. Yeah,because i want to live far away from the human and indon’t want to connect with the human life.if i became a vampire like the picture above,i will.i’m not disapointed for be a vampire like this picture above.

  27. i’d like to cuz I want to see the world as it changes I don’t want to just live to die I’m a loner and I don’t have much in life so I’d life for someone to change me. a long life, the time to explore the whole world at night so please let me prove to you that I would be a very valued vampire child

  28. i will die tin the next tomorow..and i wanna be a vampire, because i can live any more … but of course, I do not want I would like as the above that photo…i wanna be a good vampire :)) good luck all :))

  29. i want to become a vampire so badly i even tried 100 spells but maybe i didnt Believe to much but being a vampire is my biggest wish and i know i will become one some day i have to have that hope. and if i would become a vampire some day i wouldnt be bad i would be good because im a good person i also want to become a vampire to live longer and vampire is all i want to be and if im a vampire i can protect those i love and my family thats all i have to say remember everyone dont give upp on the impossible or things thats seems hard to get never give upp on your Dream. Btw sorry for my bad English

  30. I want to become a vampire because when I am human I feel nothing like I could have some very awesome days or think of a guy is cute or have a boyfriend but I read something it said if you feel something missing in you life a vampire if may what you need I don’t now why I just feel like what I read was true and plus if someone was going to kill you or you family you would want to save them to and I know but vampires are bad and you will go to the H word but if you would be a vampire what would you do would you save people if you have power or would you be a blood sucker ,I bet all the people who are want to be a vampire is thinking maybe they saw someone kill there mom or dad and they want to help all those people seeing their mom and dad die or they want to kill the people who killed their mom and dad and I want to be vampire because I am missing something .And maybe those people who want to be a vampire because they want to prove to someone that vampires are real you say why do people want to be blood suckers well have you ever think what good about vampires you say all the bad things about them and some comments say what bad about them but maybe some vampires are there happy because they are saving people in secret like batman or something they don’t want to be bad they just want to make a different or maybe one of them has a bully hit them and they want to stand up think maybe you think that person should tell someone or someone should stand up but think of this maybe that person doesn’t want t someone to find way to stop it maybe that person want be a strong person and want to have some rocks in his or she walkway think about there problems not the vampires you think of that yeah maybe they just want to be kings or queens but not all of the people want to be killers or kings maybe they just want something to make a different SO THINK GOOD ABOUT VAMPIRES AND THE PEOPLE NOT ALWAYS THE VAMPIRES OKKKKKKKKKKKKK GO DO IT NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

  31. I don’t care much about power, or simply good looks, what interests me is their immortality. I’d like to become a vampyre to see the world change around me, to experience all the wonders of the world and to be able to explore things unseen. I don’t care about family, hell I don’t even care about myself, I want to be a vampyre for the experiences of life, to have every experience possible and to live forever.

  32. You are all delusional. A real vampyre is born not turned. Stop thinking that the fakes like the movies and books are real. True vampyres are a spiritually enlightened being not something from fiction. You are either born with it or u are not that simple. This is not The Masqurade or twilight (fking blood drinking fairies what a joke) nor is being a real vampyre part of Bram Stokers fiction. We bleed, we die, we like garlic and we don’t burn in the sun. We are human just more mentally advanced and more awakened to the energy in everything. If anyone tells you different they are full of shit. Btw for those who believe they can drink the blood of a steak and that counts UR FULL OF SHIT sanguine need the life force in blood and a steak is dead so stop wasting others ppls time with ur lies. All in all you won’t live forever u are not gonna be immortal stop dreaming.

    1. So basically you’re stupidly delusional in the opposite way of everyone else in the comments?

  33. DO YOU WANT TO BECOME A WEREWOLF?in recent times humans want extraordinary qualities in order to defeat all obstacles and achieve every goals and ambitions In life.becoming a breed of lycanthropus blend of the werewolf and acquiring hircine’s gifts enables one to live a powerful life.join the seventh sixth pack of the hademus,know the shapeshifting techniques,spells,feel among and enjoy supernatural gifts.if you really want to become a werewolf,contact drenomaspellhome@hotmail.com

  34. I want to be a vampire because I am literally sick, as in a sickness and it won’t end well. Plus the medication isn’t working

  35. Ok. Moonlight I do agree with u but let’s see if what I have to say may add insight. 9/10 are miserable which means 1/10 aren’t as what u state. I mean becoming one would be interesting based off of what us humans know about them from movies/books. If I ever had the chance I would think about it and I will only lost my pros not cons. The past few weeks I have literally lost all faith that ever existed in my body so technically I’m already dead if u think about it everything is based off of faith/hope u need that to wake up everyday to go to sleep and have faith that tomorrow will bring something you long for work friends relationship ect yes my faith is gone because of lost love and if vampires do have external life I would want eternal love. I feel it would bring my faith back because I won’t be worried of loosing the love and passion I get to build with another vamp. I can go on about that but I’ll jump bak to my previous statement 1/10 are good I think that has a factor based on mental control and strength to turn something so called tragic/bad/evil and use every perk of being a camp for good if possible I beleive it is with the right mind. Plus u can watch the world change around u increase ur knowledge about anything to no end to change the world in whatever way you choose and much more. If you would like to have a friendly conversation about anything feel free to reach out to me. Ps I am a 22 year old male from jersey with a highly logical mind and my thoughts are very deep and meaningful to people that understand. Hard to find. Hope I can make a new friend :)

    1. So you aren’t born like i was both my parents were vampire and im pure blood are you telling me that you did bipidibopidiboo and you transformed into a quarter vampire

  36. Feel free to reply or comment and I’ll check back daily for hopes of a response. If not take care and good luck in your journeys.

  37. I want to be a vampire to protect my friends. Please turn me! I don’t care what I will look like I just want to be one. Would you Please turn me?

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