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Will Pattinson be a Skinny Batman?

Some fanboys have themselves all in a dander because Robert Pattinson said in an interview that he refuses to exercise while he’s in quarantine. “Batman is supposed to be buff!” they proclaim in unison. True enough; he is. “This means the movie is gonna suck like a Hoover!” they add. Um, no. Honestly Pattinson’s physique will have little to nothing to do with the quality of THE BATMAN when it is finished. For one thing, it’s still a long time before the movie gets completed. Plenty of time for them to get Pattinson a personal trainer. Plenty of time for him to get ripped.

But what if he doesn’t get ripped? It won’t matter.

With Batman—or, to be more accurate about it, with Bruce Wayne—they’re casting a face. They’re casting someone who can *act*. Why is it assumed that Pattinson will ever appear shirtless in the film? Remember that Michael Keaton did not get buff when he played the character. Kilmer didn’t. Clooney didn’t. Christian Bale did, but not excessively so. The only actor to ever really get ripped for the role was Ben Affleck. The suit provides all the definition. And all the fight scenes and action scenes will be performed by stuntmen, not Pattinson. The *suit* is Batman. Pattinson is really playing Bruce Wayne. And there’s nothing in the rulebook that says we have to see Wayne shirtless and looking like a bodybuilder.

TheCheezman • May 24, 2020

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