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Will The Rook Return?

I’m speaking not in the sense of whether or not the *character* of The Rook will return. He most assuredly will. Though I wrote the first Rook play as a standalone, a one-time-only deal, the character had other plans. He continued to haunt me, wouldn’t leave me alone. As I sit typing these words, the fifth installment in my series of plays featuring this character has just completed its run. (Hey, all you potential theater managers out there, if you’d like to perform one of my shows, hit me up. My company, EVIL CHEEZ PRODUCTIONS, offer better royalty rates than Samuel French or Dramatists!) The sixth will take place this winter.

No, I am speaking of the tulpa I may have inadvertently created. A tulpa, for those just joining us, is a being constructed of pure psychic energy. Despite being the product of a human mind, a human imagination, a tulpa nevertheless seems possessed of its own will. Tulpas may be related to the poltergeist phenomenon, wherein the “ghosts” are believed to be created subconsciously by children (typically). I have not seen my tulpa, but others have reported seeing it, or him. They’ve reported seeing The Rook. Will he put in another appearance, “summoned” by the energy of the production? Part of me desperately wants to have an experience for myself, while the other part of me is skittish at the prospect. Tulpas have minds of their own, remember. Will mine be happy with the way I’ve treated him on paper and on the stage? I wouldn’t like to think about what might happen if he wasn’t.

TheCheezman • June 25, 2019

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