Will The ‘True Blood’ Series Finale Do The Show Justice…

HBO is officially closing the book on True Blood Sunday. no it can’t be or thank you lord… which camp are you in

With high expectations we entered into the final season of one of our favorite shows, only to be no more impressed than the last few seasons which had surely caused the cancellation of the show.  Now the final episode of the final season is upon us, will this show be as good as it truly can be, or the final nail in its coffin?  Will all of your questions finally be resolved, or will it be another pointless bloodbath without any strategic value to the story as we have seen so often in this final season?  I guess tomorrow night will tell us…time to stock up on the true blood one last time and settle in for better or for worse.

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  1. no spoilers but no I was terribly disappointed by the ending & its end…but I see where the writers were trying to go w/it…not that it made it any better

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